This story was told by my friend. The year was 1999 and we were going for the OBS( outward bound survival ) in Pulau Ubin. Jestment was in the Outdoor Group, which means he would have to sleep in tents instead of bunks, eat canned food instead of packet foods, go for hike instead of games…and so forth. It happened on the 3rd day morning at 5.30am, when they started their early hike to the final checkpoint. When they were walking in the forest, they saw this old hagged man sitting on a huge fallen tree which was lying in their path, with his head down..

Suddenly all those in Jestment’s group, including one OBS instructer, felt their hair standing at the end!! The atmosphere was very errie! But the instructer kept his calm, and tell Jestment quietly to contintue leading the group through. Jestment tried not to show any fear and started walking forward again. Everyone kept quiet and follow suit. When they crawled over the huge fallen tree, everyone tried to kept as far as they could from the mysterious old man. They still could not see his face. Only until they have reached a field under the blazing sun to rest, they started talking about the old man..no one is supposed to be living in the forest or even in the area nearby! The nearest village is at least 30 kilometers away! So…who’s that mysterious old man who was in the forest early in the morning…..??

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