It was the March school holiday and my school were organising a camp at St John Island for 3 days 2 nights. I remember in the morning we were playing cheerfully but in the night the whole school was very quiet and i thought about this school was haunted. Our seniors told us that our school was built at the place where the Japanese killed a lot of people. There was one night, at about 1-2 am my coporal came to check on us and I heard a loud sound. The tapping of his pocket watch I know it was him but after a few mins the tapping continue and I turned to look around and was shocked by what i have seen!! It was my coporal!! His face was white in colour and he has no eyeball! It was white all around his eyes! I turned around and told my friend…but when my friend turned around…my “coporal” was gone…

About 3-4 am, it was my turn to do guard duty. My coporal placed me near the chemistry lab which is near the big dark field. As it was very dark I was too afraid to talk and then on the 4th floor I saw a black figure waving at me! I was so shocked then, the “thing” was still waving at me I was scared till i cried. Then Coporal came and asked me what have i seen and I told him that and he said that no one was allowed to go up to the 4th floor not even the teacher-in-charge. Then in the next morning, i had a fever and needed to be sent home. Then the teacher who accompanied me home told me that on the 4th floor there was once a student who committed suicide..freaky!

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