Lady Of Pulau Hantu

This story is absolutely true told by my brother-in-law, Roslan. It happened in 1992. He had gone camping with his friend’s family consist of 15 person. It was at Pulau Hantu. Upon reaching there, he saw a malay man being bitten by a centipede. The man was crying out of pain and he was sent to Pulau Bukom Hospital. He thought that was just normal so he decided to act as usual. They soon reached the camping area and started to pitch the tent. It was already 7pm when they finished unpacking. They had barbecued dinner and everyone was happy. After dinner, they went to sleep as they was very tired after a day walk. My brother and his friend, Ahmad could’nt sleep cause centipedes was all over their legs. Both of them was unlucky cause they were supposed to sleep outside the tent. The tent was fully occupied by them. So Ahmad told my brother to sleep at the old jetty as there was no centipedes there.

Anyway, the jetty was 100km from their tents. When they reached there, they slept at the rear end of the broken jetty. My brother slept facing the shore while Ahmad facing the end of the jetty. Soon they was fast asleep. Suddenly, Ahmad shaked my brother’s legs hard. He said to my brother with a shaky voice,”Lan, Lan,..bangun, bangun ada hantu.” My brother was shocked and asked him,”Mana, Mana?” Ahmad said,” Turned around and looked in front of me.” Ahmad said again,”Tolong aku Lan. Tolong aku…!” My brother turned his head slowly to see. He was damned shocked to see a lady in white standing in front staring at them. She had a very, very long hair, white eyes, and no legs. My brother turned and muttered to himself that it was true that it was a ghost. They both prayed and muttered some Quranic verse. My brother asked Ahmad again whether the figure still there and Ahmad said yes. My brother said to Ahmad that he will say 1, 2, 3 and both of them will walked back to the tent.

Ahmad told him that he was scared but my brother told him not to. He asked Ahmad to hold his hands. He counted 1,2,3 and they walked slowly. My brother turned around to see and the figure was still there watching! They walked towards the shore and suddenly my brother let go of Ahmad’s hand and dashed towards the tent leaving Ahmad behind. Ahmad too ran speedily after him. When they reached the tent, they told Ahmad’s family that they was chased by the white figure. They believed them cause they know that the place was haunted. All of them was scared and never went to sleep till the sun rise. But they never went back the next day. They decided to stay for another day and lucky for them nothing happened during the stay. For all of you out there never to wander anywhere you like if you are not familiar with the place or you will end up like them!

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