The Exorcist

I know the following story is probably going to sound like some stupid hoax but I can swear that it’s true because it happened to someone whom I’ve known for years since childhood.

I’m sure all of you who visit this website must have seen (or at least heard) of that very famous horror flick, “The Exorcist”. Have to admit that it’s the BEST horror movie ever made and definitely the most sickening and disgusting one. (If only Hollywood would stop producing those stupid teen horror flicks we see on our big screens today & make something really good with all the money they have) Ok, enough about what I think. I am pretty sure all of you do know some scaredy-cats who tend to freak out whenever they watch a horror movie, but, do you know of anyone who gets possessed while watching one? Don’t believe me? I found it hard to believe at first when I heard it but the evidence left behind surely does make me think twice. Read on..

Visiting Carl in Woodbridge is the most dreadful thing because it’s awful to see him in such a state. He’s almost reduced to bones now and his face is as pale as a ghost (or even worst). However, as his cousin, I can’t help but feel very sorry for him. What used to be a cheerful and bubbly kid is now nothing but skeletal figure with a blank look on his face and in his eyes. Whenever anyone visits Carl, he’ll immediately grab you by the arm and start telling you his “story” enthusiastically. I would say that Carl’s mental health has progressed over the years and is somewhat considered “ok” if compared to the others with severe problems. However, he will just go mad once in a while, which is why his single-mother decides to let him remain in Woodbridge for the time being. I doubt Carl would ever become normal again after what he has witnessed 2 years ago and that scar on his left arm will probably prevent that for life.

See, this is the story told by Carl. 2 years ago on the eve of Halloween, Carl, together with his girlfriend and 3 other good friends had decided to have their own Halloween celebration at Carl’s house. They rented quite a few horror movies to spend the night and “The Exorcist” was one of them. It was around 11.30pm that night when they huddled on the sofa and had just started to watch The Exorcist. If you still remember clearly from the movie, the scaries part was when Linda Blair’s character got possessed by several demons and she started to look freakish and did the unforgettable 360 degree turn of her head. When that part came on, it had just passed midnight and all of a sudden, Carl’s house had a power failure. There were no lights, the fans were all off but the strange thing was, the tv was still on & in motion. “The Exorcist” was still playing in the vcd player. It was then that the most horrifying thing happened. Carl’s girlfriend, Lucy, who was seated on his left suddenly started to growl and scream like a mad woman. The light from the moon which shone in the window of the living room was clearly reflected on her face. She had taken on the look of the possessed Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”.

Everyone thought that it’s part of the Halloween celebration and another one of Carl’s tricks to scare the others. But, no, it turned out to be worst than that. Lucy grabbed Carl’s left arm and started to chew on it like a beast!! There was fresh blood flowing out into the sofa and floor. His other 3 friends were too shocked and stunned to do anything and were all rooted to the ground. Carl was in such a state of shock that he forgotten how to scream and what pain was all about. Then, Lucy released Carl’s half chewed arm and slumped into the sofa. She still had that demonic look on her face. She got back up again and this time, she did that 360 degree turn of her head in front of all of them and shortly after that, she vomited green slime out and was screaming her lungs out! She then reached out for the window, opened the latch and jumped out into the ground below. Carl who had witnessed it all, fainted, his arm still bleeding from the fresh wound…..

So, this was the story told by Carl and also his mother whom I presumed gathered her information from those “kaypoh” neighbours who are best at talking rubbish. I only remember her telling me & my granny that she reached home in the morning (because she works in a factory) to find Carl lying on the living room floor in a pool of blood. The ambulance and police were called in and it was a tough investigation because there was hardly any evidence left besides that gruesome bite mark on Carl’s arm. Until now, if you were to visit Carl in the hospital, you can see the visible scar left by that horrendous bite from Lucy. From one angle it looks like it was bitten by some vicious animal yet from another, it looks like that of human teeth. However it’s hard to tell because the bite was so deep that if you look closely enough, you might see part of his bone beneath the nearly faded skin. It’s totally revolting when you think about it.

What puzzled me the most is the whereabouts of Lucy and Carl’s 3 other friends. No one knows what happened to them or where they were. Whether they are dead or alive, no one knows even now. According to Carl’s mom, she only found Carl alone in the house on that day she went home. The window was still open from where Lucy had jumped (if she was human, she will never be able to survive a 17th storey fall). But, when the police went to investigate downstairs, they didn’t find any blood stains or a dead body and worst, there wasn’t a sight of “The Exorcist” vcd found anywhere in the house……..

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