Marina Square Basement Toilet

It was during the “Hungry ghost festival” that I encountered this strange happening. I was at the toilet at about 7pm and while I am in the cubicle, I heard a lady’s coughing sound (the sound was like someone clearing her throat). So I thought that lady outside was trying to warn me that she was outside so that when I came out I wouldn’t be caught in an alarm!! But the strange thing is that when I came out of the cubicle, no one else is in the toilet beside me.

At that time I did not think that much but just continue doing my stuff(combing my hair). Then my boyfirend pass by the female toilet and I look out and smile to him and he went away. After I finish combing my hair, I went out and meet up with him. He then asked me a very strange question “U alone in the toilet?”. Well I answered “Yes, why?”. He then say “But I saw a lady wearing white tube top beside u”. My respond was a huge and frightened “Huh??? then I clinged on to him and we left quickly. So be careful when you guys go to that toilet…………

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