The Ghost Anger

It was in camp1 of pulau tekong camp when the recruit were having their training. Near the place where they were training, there is a well which have a ghost living in it and their sir asked them to keep off that well unless they want to get into trouble.

There was one recruit by the name of Ah Beng decide to see how the ghost look like, and he walk towards the well. As he look down, he shouted” Hey! Are you a coward or what!!! Come out if u there!!!” After that, he spit his saliva into the well and the ghost came out of the well…It was a female…

When she ask ah beng to clear the saliva for her…Ah beng was frightened and he ran away. The next day when ah beng woke up, he found that his face was sore..same side as the ghost where he spit the saliva at. The following day, the other recruit in the camp face turn sore too…So, they decide to call on a priest and it was said that the ghost was angry because of ah beng action and wanted him to apologise to her…

After ah beng apologise to the ghost, all their face recover and Ah beng never get near the well again anymore….

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