Pulau Tekong Camp

Do you ever know that why is there no camp2 in pulau tekong? U will find out in this story of mine…

It was told by my teacher who were a sergeant from Pulau Tekong. Camp 2 in pulau was a cemetry before camp2 was build there…It was never able to build successfully and collapse everytime…

It would normally collapse in the afternoon once a storey is build. So, the workers’ boss decide to build it at night hoping it would not collapse. Since the camp did not collapse after building the first storey, the workers decide to stop work and have their dinner. They were eating it inside the building but they did not realise that lots and lots of ghost were sitting on top of the building watching at them.

When they realise that they were surround by lots of spirit, they began to run…But it was too late, they have no others way to run and was scared till they faint…

The next day when they were found, one was dead and some were send to the mental hospital… From that day onwards, there were no camp 2 in pulau tekong…

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