The Hand

This happened last year during my last years at secondary school. 3 friends and I walked all the way from our secondary school to the Bedok Jetty about 2 km away. By the time we walk past the jetty, all of us were sweating like pigs but we continued walking to our destination which was about 500m away more.
While cutting across a group of tall fig trees, the feeling of uneasiness overcame me; my hairs were standing. But I dismissed it as a figment of my imagination. Then all of us sat at this very low bench which is situated at an angle in such that one could see the Bedok Jetty. I was the second person from the left. We were fooling and joking around when all of a sudden my friend beside me on my right turned behind in my direction and screamed right into my ear. We were puzzled by her reaction but nevertheless we tried calming her down. She explained to us that she saw a hand reaching out for me, just a hand. We tried to convince her that her mind was playing tricks on her but looking at how she was hysterical and swearing to God that she didn’t imagine it, we were kind of spooked too. We quickly left right after that.
Just now, during one of my classes, that same friend sms-ed me saying that she got an e-mail saying that a murder took place there a few years back. And the funny thing is, the corpse had a missing hand and no one found it ever since…

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