Who’s That?

This story happened when I was with a friend. We just finish enjoying ourselves at this disco (it’s was ladies night). I think it’s was 3a.m, we don’t have any plans(shh….actually we ‘ponteng’ from our night shift) he.he.he..If my mom knows. My friend drove a car, so we decide to round the city all night. Suddenly this friend of mine got stomach ache.Then we stop at east coast to look for a toilet but the toilet was locked. We ask the guard who was sitting outside to unlock the gate (he was sleeping mind you). After it was unlock, we quickly went inside the toilet.
While my friend was busy doing her business, i just comb my hair, looking at the mirror when i heard this foot step coming. (i knows it was coming because i really heard a lady high hills shoes) Then it stop outside the door so i wait for her to came in(cos wondering who it might be) until my friend finish her job. We went out and still found the guard sleeping with the gate lock again! We have to call again the guard to open it. The guard looked shocked! Just as we walked, i mention about the footstep to my friend. She looked at me and said, “So nobody enter the toilet. I thought there’s someone.”
Before anything happened to us, we ran as fast as we could to the carpark. As we got in the car, we chants some words. It’s called Ayatul Kursi. We were shivering from head to toes. Oh! boy. Luckily it was only footstep. If it turn the other way, i don’t know what’s going to happen until now.
Can you all tell me who was that?

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