The Haunted Building

This story was told by my uncle who worked in a courier service company. It was a few years back and it happen at the ___ Building at Pasir Panjang. It was after lunch time, when his supervisor told him to go to ___ Building because there’s some packages that he had to collect.

During that time, the building was not named ___ BUilding yet. He was entering the lift and he had 2 go to the 11th floor. But at the 3rd floor, the lift stop and two cleaners in yellow uniforms came in into the lift. They pressed the 8th floor button. While they were in the lift with my uncle, the two cleaners kept looking down as to avoid my uncle from seeing their faces. The lift stopped at the 8th floor and the two cleaners went out.

Here come the scary part. The left continue its journey up. But as it reached the 11th floor the lift didn’t stop and the door didn’t open. It continued going up and stop at the 16th floor. As my uncle didn’t realised what is happening, he thought it was the 11th floor and he went out of the lift. When he was outside, he was shocked as there’s no company or even any living soul in the floor. He looked at the lift sign and he was shocked to see 16th floor printed on it. He went back into the lift still puzzled by the incident and decided to go back down.

On the way down, there’s this cleaner in blue uniform came in. My uncle decided to ask the cleaner whether how many cleaner companies are there in this building? The cleaner told him that there’s only one cleaner company and all the cleaners only wear blue uniforms. After hearing that, he more puzzled than before. Who or what might the 2 cleaners in yellow be??

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