The Ring

My boyfriend`s brother (AR) told me this story…here s how it goes…

AR`s friend (S) who is working in the same department as him had to work the graveyard shift. AR works for SATS as an operations assistant while his friend was involved in the loading and unloading of goods in the cargo warehouse. So one night around 1am, S was doing his normal job. He loaded the goods on the forklift and made his way to the coldroom. It so happen that to go to the coldroom, you have to go through a few sets of big, huge doors that will open and close behind you. S was halfway through the automatic doors when he felt uneasy. Dismissing it as paranoia, he continued with his work. When he had finished unloading the goods in the coldroom, he looked behind to make sure that it was alright to reverse the forklift. It was there when he saw it. A woman in white standing just beside the right side of the last set of huge doors. He shivers. He knew that in order to get out of the coldroom he had to go through that door. He looked again to confirmed. True enough, there was a woman whose face was covered with her hair. It appeared that the woman was looking down (similar to the woman in the ring).

S decided to pick up his courage. So S slammed on the gear in reverse mode and made his way all the way out of the coldroom and through the sets of doors (what i meant to say is that instead of turning the forklift around, S just shoots out of the coldroom in the reverse way). He did not even turned back once to look. Even when he heard a sinister laughter, he dared not turned back. He made his way out of the cargo and reported sick.

A few days later, S told this story to AR. Then he asked AR,”Does the woman in The Ring really exist?”

What do you think?

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