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My uncle told me his own ghostly encounter when he was doing his NS . At a particular camp, there happened to be a NS man who commited suicide at one particular building in the camp. I don’t know the reason though. People in the camp already knew that the building was haunted, but since my uncle was still new there…he knew nothing that was about to happen to him on one particular night. One day, my uncle was asked to do duty and patrol the haunted building. Since he didn’t know anything about the haunted building, he accepted the duty .

Late that night, he went to his SIR’s office to ask for the direction to the building. The SIR guided him outside his office and pointed to a building not faraway from where they were standing. My uncle nodded his head to show that he understood. Soon he was on his way to the building following the narrow lane leading to it…10 minutes past…he looked up and to his amazement the building looked and extra kilometre away. How could that be ? The walk should have taken about 4mins to get there at the rate he was walking. Never mind he said to himself….and he started walking again. After another five minutes, he found himself further away from the building as he was in the beginning! He looked behind him and saw that he had walked a very long distance! He couldn’t understand what was goin on so he decided to ask the SIR.

When he reached the end of the lane, he saw that the SIR was waiting for him…he then found out that the SIR actually saw him walk past the building and continue walking. My uncle turned around and saw that the building was where it was in the very beginning. The SIR then told him everything he needed to know about the haunted building. He added that many soilders had done what he had just done, and none were able to explain what happen.

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