Hill View Mansion Trip

Hi, just want to share my story about Hill view Mansion. Me and my friend went there last week at around 10-11pm. Went with 3 friends of mine, all guys. Reached there and then climb over the gate and have to walk a slope area for about 100m or more. Once you reached the inside, you will see the mansion. It is like a temple i should say and we explore around the outer side of the mansion first and found many unused tiles outside and there’s no door. That’s what I we saw as we don’t have torch lights so we used mobile phones as our torches to guide us.

Surprisingly it’s super open and clean. It’s like you how you feel when you enter a temple. Once when you’re inside you can see the door big big one. We did not dare go in the front door so we take the side smaller door which is located beside of the building. Inside there’s this staircase with no handle kind and so have to be careful to go up. We went up 2 by 2… slowly slowly.. go up.. once to second storey, we see the rooms with no doors but all open and it was surprisingly quite windy. I should say very open kinda of environment. Then we saw this squeezing kind of spiral staircase but this time the staircase got handle one but the handle iron make very shaking which would make you think it might break any time but yet we went up further. This time we can only go 1 by 1 as it’s getting narrow so slowly by slowly.. we reached 3rd floor.

The 3rd floor is the same as second which is very open kind of place and there’s another spiral staircase which is leading to a big opening like balcony and there you can enjoy the best view of the Hill View area. Then we my friends and I have each a cigarette there. Next time if you happened to see cigarette butt on the top floor, it might be ours. But at the top of the view, you feel nothing eerie. Once you reached that place, the place is so so so nice!! Scenery is so wonderful.. windy.. how i wish to go back the place again and take a picture of that place but after staying on top floor for around 10 mins we slowly went down but have to be careful, we told each other no matter what happen we can’t push each other and have to walk slowly because it’s quite dangerous. The staircase are steep and narrow and then remember the staircase with no handle which might make you fall if you push one another. So it’s just my experience! Nothing much spooky!

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