Taboo Of HSBC

During one of my interns, the first day of reporting to HSBC atrium @ orchard, the office is located at 3rd of the new building, or so i thought of. When i entered the office, i noticed that beside the clock there hung something that looks very much like the thai buddha tailsman.. mabbe its just me.. ”

but boss of HSBC believe all this?” i tot..Soon work was delegated to me as they are taking turns to clear their leave during the xmas period.. and as i was in-charge of a dept where the cut off time was 430pm.. usually by then i would be taking a short rest before closing the a/cs.. thats where i notice something.. the tailsman has four pieces and was hung in such a way that it faces the four corners.. perhaps it could be just a blessing? but apparently not…

As i usually finish my work at 730pm, where i would happily left for home… however, my officer, same age as me(sigh!), would have to stay back to tally the accounts i have closed for the day.. 1 fine day, due to some problematic customer, the accounts were closed at 8, meaning my officer has to roughly finish work and leave at ard 10? But that wasnt the best part.. of the sudden, she jioed me for dinner after work!! Female’s request, ok la since nothing on, i agreed.. meanwhile i noticed the security guards started to patrol the levels often.. … blah blah.. to cut the story short… at ard 930+ the security guard suddenly entered and remind us that its 930.. now this really bugs me..

It was not until 945 that we hastely left the office.. During our dinner, wat she about to tell me was stunning.. For some kakis here might still rem… last time the HSBC used to be at the Macdonald House beside Atrium.. but that place used to be haunted.. as the building(forgot the name) was demolished for the building of Atrium and the NEL.. HSBC shifted to the new house at lvl 3.. however the hauntings did not stop.. On the first month of the new shift, a particular was doing OT till wee hours in the morning… and after 1 of the staff returned from e washroom, she suddenly was not herself.. she started to dump everything on the table to floor.. and her facial expression start to shift and distorted.. after some commotion, she finally collapsed. When she was sent to hospital the docs cant find anything wrong with her.. and sadly, with such a big hooha created she was dismissed under table kind la…

But the coming months to come.. another manager stayed back to OT till 2am in the morning.. but this time round, she resigned on her own accord.. close frens of hers started to probe into it as they all know she’s a very hardworking and ambitious person.. But to everyone shock, she suddenly weeped. On the night she do OT, she suddenly hear noises outside.. knowing that only she is ard(the lights outside is left with corridor lights oni..), she went out to check.. but a few times she noticed nothing. It was the final straw that she decided to go out to check ard.. But when she was totally out of the office.. the noise came from her OWN office! but what she saw, she nv told anyone till the day she left.

Till now, after hearing this, my goosebumps cant help but stand…Since then similar eerie experiences happened to those who OT after the wee hours.. in fact one of the officers who is a believer of Buddhism started to request the mgmt to allow him to put up the talisman in the office.. In lucky fact, the mgmt agreed.. but other arrangements was also done.. Weirdest thing was, now whoever wants to OT has to inform the guards at the reception on the ground floor, where they will dispatch one of them to stay with u. But the common practice is that, no OT after 10…

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