Takashimaya Ghost

Last holiday I worked in takashimaya and I heard rumours about the 10th floor of takashimaya tower A was haunted.There was a room which was locked and used to put stock only. As one time my colleague and i went up 2 take the stock(that time i havn’t heard any rumour yet so i was not afraid) We began to eat snake up there for abt half n hr,then we decided to go down.While waiting for the lift(the Human Resource were situated at 10th floor, it close at 5 n when we go up there it already around 6++++)we suddenly heard a woman laughing, i thought they were people outside but when i push open the door there arn’t any people around.

We suddenly felt veri cold n shiver, when the lift had reach we quickly rush in but then i just can’t explain y the lift stop at every floor, when we had reach our destination, we quickly rush back to our department.(tat lift we took was the stock lift n onli stuff or the supplier can take) When i pursue those old stuff that work in Takashimaya veri long ago, they said that last time the girls toilet in b2 and 2nd floor was haunted and priest come to chant then no more ghost heard of any more. One more thing to add,the men toilet located at 10th floor in tower A were still haunted as i have a personnel experience with it.(As for your information,before Takashimaya was build,that location was a cemetery)

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