Hill View Mansion

I suppose by now most get to know of this particular mansion at Hillview. Well, I visited this Mansion 6 years ago and i try to use best of my recollection. It going to be VERY VERY LENGTHY why? Because I telling you what the actual detail of what had happened that day! and i hope that by telling you all these, PLEASE dont visit that place anymore, it do you no good at all.

I remember that I got to know of this mansion existence from another local ghost hunting webby, it was so thoughtful of them to even provide us with the actual map to that location.

We took bus to the interchange and then taxi to somewhere near that location, when we arrived, we were at this foot of the very steep slope, yes it was bloody steep. At first, on the left side was residential area which still occupied by people but on the right it was the abandoned mansion. The gate is somehow rusty and there a few bends here and there. on the left side of the gate, there seems used to be a mailbox but apparently. it was filled with overgrown weeds and soils. Some of us climb in through the top of the gate while a few decides to try squeeze through the metal bars, yes, you didnt see wrongly, some of the metal bars were bend to allow people to squeeze through.

Then there is this ‘S’ course slope that we need to walk up to. Over at the ‘lobby’ we saw many piles of expensive tiles still wrapped in the packages and some already been opened and broken. The whole house was still under renovation condition but those material seems to be placed there for sometime already, we just roughly view around the ground floor, the floor was not tile up and in the middle of the house there this spiral staircase with no railings but with some protrude rusty metal rods clement-ed on the side of the staircase, and there only one door being fixed to the door frame while the rest of the door were just lying on the floor.

We went up to the Second floor and we saw two rooms which face towards the ‘S’ Slope direction, both the room was connected together by a balcony outside, both the room seems to be hold up with big clamps like as if the room will collapse down but nevertheless we proceed to the balcony and we found a hammer lying on the floor so we spend some time happily hammering away the bricks and the blue roof tiles.

From the balcony we could see the sea or reservoir on the left side although most of it been blocked by the trees. It was quite windy during the day, we smoked and spend sometime there to see the view.

Here the scary part, When we decided to leave this place, halfway through when i was walking down the spiral staircase, I clearly heard a door slammed, I immediately ask if my friends heard it or not, none of them heard it. Next I also get this feeling as if someone were trying to push me down the stairs i almost trip at this point i seems to fully get the point what the ‘guy’ was trying to make. I quickly hurried my friends to faster run out of the house, but because none of them felt the same thing i got, they told me that they suddenly felt like exploring more of that house, so i no choice but to keep following them. Then one of girl friend felt as if someone were watching all of us and then suddenly we heard a few times beer bottle being throw and hit hard on one of the walls, it scares us even though it was during DAY TIME! we turned around heading the ‘lobby’ we actually saw broken bottle on the spiral staircase, IT WAS NOT THERE JUST NOW! we basically almost ROLLED down the ‘S’ slope but of course never la. BUT! BUT!, still remember i told you we were happily hammering the roof tile just now? we actually saw the SAME HAMMER lying on the floor just BEFORE THE GATE! back then we never threw the hammer down but HOW COME THE SAME HAMMER was ON THE BLOODY FLOOR. mind you, the hammer got green colour pain stained on the handle thats why we could recognized it, immediately we run away and all of us squeeze our life through the metal bar.

That still not the end of it yet, when we at one of the coffee shop, we were stunned by what we had snapped. When we were at the house and one of my friend took picture using camera, not the one sticked inside phone, my friend swore that when he saw the picture right after he snapped back at that mansion, he saw NOTHING at all, but now it appeared that in that picture that was blurred as if something was standing, we couldnt saw anything but the ‘blurred’ shape outline seems to be with a head and a body, it was transparent but when we trace and draw on the outline where the ‘blurred’ ends it seems like a body with a head.

This picture we posted in a few website before and i believe most or some of you guys out there have seen this picture. Unfortunately we dont own that picture anymore due to that stupid memory card error. But anyway, I sincerely advice you guys out there, please dont go visit this mansion, even if you want to explore go somewhere else and explore. Till now after 6 years already, I still get that feeling and dreams that that ‘thing’ still warning me not to go there again, you can say im a coward but you are warned.

This incident had haunt me for so long now before i finally decided to write in this website, and yes, Im still have the goose bum even when i typing this now.

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