The Haunted Tower

This happened at Pasir Ris Park. We were having party and suddenly S decided to go to the haunted tower ( near mangroves ). Q knows the place and agreed to lead us. When we reached there, it was already about 6 plus. When we are about to go in, we heard the cricket sound getting louder. We backed up and ran. For the third time we go in, S and N was left behind. They heard a spooky sound and they ran. We really went in for the forth time and there was a couple behind us and this time, the cricket was usual. N saw the ” thing” staring at N. When we are at the path of the mangrove, Q saw one pair of red eyes and a black figure looking at us. R was left behind with E because R said that his heart ache and R felt as if someone has been pulling R’s leg. S felt the “thing” has been following them and told them to walked faster. Outside Pasir Ris Park, S saw a ” black figure” and cried.

Day by day, one by one has a bad luck. E has accidently step on a rock and was absent the next day. And so on and so for… So watch out you guys when you go out at night… the “thing” might be watching you ……

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