Sea Ghost

The day was Sunday September 2003, me & my Father were fishing at Changi Village, i`ve been fishing there for nearly 5 years. Fishing for catfish and some other species like barramundi, snapper & conger eel. When we reach our fishing spot it was a hot sunny day. Only a few anglers were there but far away from us. We`re fishing opposite Changi chalet where Old Changi Hospital were station there, just to make you all suspend. At about 6.55pm a time where its reaching to dusk. I caucht a palm sized red finermark snapper. I was happy with the catch so`s my father & said thanks to God for the good sized snapper. Later at 7.18pm is our praying time of Maghrib. Than i go down to the sea to take my abolution for my praying, suddenly a strange kind of wind blow towards my direction. After taking my abolution, i take a look at the seafront and i saw a woman dress in white with her face bloated with water as though like a drowning person. She`s just half-body on the surface of the water. Her hair was white and her eyes were totally sunken white. I really didn`t feel scared because she was 50 metres away from me.

Then i call up my Father, “Father take a look at the sea, something was running towards us”, my Father was shock and he quickly read some of the verse from Quran. After that, the floating ghost dissapear from the darkness and head her way through Pulau Tekong as i saw her run like a speed boat towards the island. So after the incident we pray safely and peacefully. Then i met with one of Changi`s pro angler name Sani, i told him about the story and he said, the one you saw is called sea ghost or penunggu laut. Sani said to us, it never harm human lives only its looking for a raw fish to eat. That`s all. Because Sani once met with such incidents, when fishing at Punggol. So i feel a bit relieved about it. So now at present me & my Father still fishing there peacefully. So those malay legend said “if you fish and caught many fish that day you`ll be facing such incidents”. I didn`t believe in all those legends. Only because changi is due to rich in history thats why i believe it may be quite haunted. Only God knows it.

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