Fish At Punggol

I used to fish with my husband at Punggol beach but that night was strangely different. I rememeber there is a police booth being set up there, just a temporary one.Usually lots of fishers can be seen but on that particular night, one both of us was left. I never felt so tired before so i ask my husband to go home earlier. My husband though argue for the short pleasure time given to him,packed his things just to pacify his deary wife. As we are walking towards his bike at the site of yhe police booth, a very long howling of a dog could be heard. To be honest, I wasn`t feeling scared much as to think what is it connected to.I even ask my husband and said “apa lah anjing memekak pukul 2 pagi ni? dah tebiat ke?” (translate: What the hell is the dog howl for no reason at 2am?) My husband just smile and said “ah . ignore lah.” So we ride through the road.

For those who had been to Punggol beach will recalled that there is a lane before reaching punggol that lead to Punggol Marina. So my husband actually thought it will be a good idea for us to sit around there as it remind us of the days that we dated. Well what i seen was enough for me till this curent days. I actually saw a lady in white floating on the middle of the road. For an instant, i kept prompting my husband to u-turn.My husband was shocked to see me, crying, screaming for no reason asking him to u-turn. My husband did u-turn, and for your info the lady was right in front of his bike. And mind this in mind, My husband DID NOT SEE her at all!!. I closed my eyes, praying hard while my husband sped ending the speeding at the new coffeeshop that just open at the new Punggol Estate. I had no idea if that lady chased or what to us. But all that matter now is Both of us are safe. This story is no joke and i dare to swear upon it.!

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