Tan Tock Seng Kampong

I wonder if any of you have seen a real ghost before? Well I know that I had. Let me tell you about this TRUE experience of mine.

Well once again let me tell you that I swear this is not a bluff. Maybe if any of you was a neighbour of mine in Tan Tock Seng village (now is a condominium) just beside the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Mortuary, this story would be very familiar to you.

It was in 1981 when I was only 3 years old. My family and I had a zinc top wooden house at Tan Tock Seng. Everynight after coming back from my grandma place, my dad would give me a piggy back ride down the pathway from the main road to our home. The sandy pathway stretched out about 200 M from the road to my home and was just along the perimeter of the Mortuary gate. On the left was a stretch of higher ground with big tall banyan trees and bushes.

Suddenly, I saw something on top of one of the tall trees and I whispered to my dad, “Dad, there’s someone who looks like mom hanging on that tree.” Upon hearing that, my dad lookup at the tree I was pointing to and what he saw was horrifying! Up there, was a lady in white, which is also known as Pontianak hanging head down with it’s long hair dangling down from it’s head. I wasn’t sure if it was facing us or facing the other way coz the hair covered it’s face.

Without further ado, my dad rushed both my mom and myself till the end of the path and back home. Lucky for us that the “thing” didn’t follow us home. This is only one of the stories that I am telling you. Let’s continue on with my next experience.

Still at Tan Tock Seng, a place which was considered “dirty” by the villagers as it was too close to the Hospital Mortuary where dead bodies were being brought in everyday. Sometimes I could see the Mortuary staffs hanging out blood patched white towels to dry. One night, I was trying to go to sleep on the only bed that we had in the house, with my parents sleeping next to me. I was on the end closest to the wooden wall. Suddenly I saw a thumb slowly rising up from the gap between the bed and the wall. In my confusion of what I was seeing, I seemed forgotten about what is the meaning of “afraid”. I touched and feel the thumb. The skin coloured thumb felt like velvet with little short white hair on it. After awhile it just submerged down between the gap and disappeared. I didn’t tell this to my parents till I was 7.

Another story was told by my dad. One night, while he was sleeping, suddenly he felt that something was brushing on his face. He opened his eyes and guess what did he saw? A head only creature with very long hair was looking down at him!!! He said that his brain went numbed for a moment before he versed out some prayers (ayat kursi). A moment later, the head only creature flew and dashed through our wire-mash window. Amazing and absolutely horrifying isn’t it?

Gee … there are many more stories that are told by the villagers that I would like to tell you in here other than my own childhood ghostly experiences. But I think I’ll continue again some other time. Till next time, and believe me, I am telling the truth and only the truth. Ask my parents if you don’t believe, they know more…

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