Encountered Pontianak

My father’s encounter with the Pontianak was around in the 1980s. It happen at Changi Jalan Rata Batu 8 in malay they call it. At that time there are still villages around there. It happened at my cousin’s house where during that time the government wanted all the villagers to vacant their house and live in HDB flats. My father take the opportunity to use the vacant house to do his aquarium project. He will start to do his work from 5pm till 10pm in the house alone.

That day he don’t feel good and he took one stick of cigarette. Usually the cigarette taste sweet for him but this time it taste bitter. When he threw the cigarette, the beautiful one appear. My father was dead shock. The pontianak was gorgeous, her hair long and shiny, her skin was smooth and fair but the main thing is only half of her body can be seen. No legs can be seen.

The funny thing is my father can still stand up slowly and go in the house to wear his long sleeve shirt then slowly walk to his pick up van and drive home. Deep down inside he prayed hard till he reach home. On the way home, his neck hair stood upright. When he reach home, he told my mother and my mother decide to go there and wanted to have a look at the place (actually hoping to meet the Pontianak).

The three of us went there. As usual we went and nothing happen at first. Around 7.30pm, my parents heard a loud thud on the roof. My father told my mother that the Pontianak was sitting on the plum tree and had thrown a large wood on the roof. My parents decided to go home quickly and I felt blur cause I don’t know anything. When we reach home, my parents told me that the Pontianak had wanted us to go away from that place. From that encounter, my father had shifted his project elsewhere and the place now is a HDB flat. Hmm…who lives there now?…

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