The Hauntings

The encounter, which I am about to share with you, happened when I was still in my primary school days, which was about nine years ago.

Back then; I used to study in a primary school, which is located in western part of Singapore. This school is located directly opposite a Police Station. Though my primary school days were quite norm, there were a few incidents which I still couldn’t forget until now.

There was once, a student reported to her teacher she saw blood seeping out of broken mirror on the 3rd level girl’s toilet. When the teacher reported this incident to the principal, an investigation team was formed; mainly teachers and the principal himself but upon investigating, they claimed they found nothing unusual. Thus, that incident was deemed as a hoax. Many of us believed that the incident happened and that the principal was just trying to hush up this incident.

Well, after that incident a few other incidents followed by. Like there was this one occasion, when my friend told me she felt uneasy when she went to the music room and she claimed that the room was unusually cold and still. Thus being the “brave one” among the lot, I decided to confront the music room and see for myself after school that day. As I opened the door of the music room, everything looked normal except for the fact that there was a piece of white cloth hanging on one of the ceiling fans in the music room. I began to wonder how could the white cloth be hanging there at one of the fan blades. Since at that time, there was no one in the music room and the music room was left in the dark (thus, it?s not possible that one of the school cleaner left it there while cleaning the room). As I looked at the white cloth on the fan again, out of a sudden, the fan blades started to move as if someone has just switched on the fan. ?How can it happen?, I thought. I looked into the room at the power switch, there was no one. There was also no wind at that time and furthermore all the windows in the music room are closed. Seeing that there was no other person in the room, I quickly fled off.

Other than that, my brother had once witnessed a tree bleeding on its own, he does not know how but out of nowhere, a stream of red liquid started to ooze out of the tree.

According to my Malay teacher who lived in this area all his life, he said that the place that our school is sited in used to be an old burial ground but when we asked our principal, he would reply otherwise saying that this place used to be a forested area. Though we don?t know whom to believe, but we know that there?s more behind these strange occurance…….

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