The Impersonater

This encounter happened to me a few years back while I was at a chalet. Back at that time, I was an outgoing person and would always take any opportunity to hang around with my friends, regardless whether I was unwell or not!

The bungalow chalet we book was at Changi. Its huge with air-conditioning bedrooms. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, one master bedroom, storage room, kitchen and a hall on the first storey. The bedrooms are the size of about 2 halls of a HDB flat, they stretch from one end to the other, where you can see the front and the back. Another bathroom is juz a few steps away beyond the back door of the chalet. And of course, there are barbeque pit at the front of the house. Well, juz behind this house are trees and bushes, but I`m not sure what`s behind these little forest (I call it little forest as it seems like one).

I guess I had party too much a few days earlier before the chalet. I was feeling a little unwell during the chalet, or rather on the first day of chalet. My friends and I arrived the place in the late afternoon. We started the cleaning chores, unpacking of our stuff and blah blah blah…… (I`m sure those who went to chalet knows what are the things to be done. Especially on the first and the last day)

More friends started to flow in in the evening, and that`s when the party start rolling. By nightfall, I was really starting to get unwell and I told my best friend M that I need to take a rest. I took some panadols and went to rest in the master bedroom.

I closed the windows, drew the curtains, switch on the aircon and off the lights. Well, I`m the type who sleeps anywhere and would not be bother if the the suroounding area I`m sleeping is noisy or not. It was not long when the medicine and my tiredness was taking the effect on me and I was getting drowsy. I was drifting to my dreamland when I suddenly felt a presence in the room. I turned in the darkness to discover my friend M sleeping beside me. Her back was facing me and she was cuddled up. I have a sharp eyesight and I could see or rather make out the shape in the dark. (Perhaps taking a lot of fish meat really helps!!!)

Strangely though, the door was closed and I did not hear any sound or movement that indicate that someone might be entering the room. Perhaps it was my drowsiness that take the toil on me.

“Oi M, when did you come in har? I didn`t hear you leh?” It couldn`t have been long that M has enter the room, but nevertheless she kept still and did not respond to me. At this time, I was already sitting up on the queen sized bed. “Oi, you sleeping already har? Oi…. Oi….” There was still no response, she must be pretending to be sleeping. I decided to crawl over to take a look at her when I felt or had lightly touched her hand. She was cold! “Wah…ay you cold har? Why never cover blanket, you want me to lower the air-con?” No response. As I was about to get of the bed to lower the air-conditoner, she grabbed my hand. Her touch sent a shock to me and I pulled away immediately. I was bewildered, my mind was twirling and I had mixed emotions, confusion, or rather the feeling of fear in me. Never had I experience such mixed emotions. Something is wrong, my mind was telling me she`s not M, her hand were rough and cold. I was thinking all these in my mind when I suddenly heard my own voice, “Who are you…… Who are you……You are not M……Who are you?” It was then the false M slowly sat up, she slowly turn to face me, her long hair partially covered her face. My eyes were transfixed at her, I was rooted to the bed and I could still hear myself say,”Who are you…… Who are you……You are not M……Who are you?” I couldn`t think and had mixed emotions running through me, the feelings of fear, or perhaps curiousity, it might be excitement that I was experiencing. As we were facing each other, I couldn`t make out her facial features,her features look pitch dark but somehow, I was staring at her eyes, and I knew that were her eyes that I was staring at.

At this moment, an intruder opened the door and switched on the lights. The sudden lights blinded me for a second. I turned to look at the intruder and glance back at the false M, and I was shocked to discover to find no one or rather nothing there. I was specchless and my mind went blank. I think I had a certain expression on my face that worried the intruder, my friend, M. She was concern for me and ask if I`m feeling alright. My mind was running thousand and thousands of questions. M then ask me a second time if I`m feeling alright. It was then that I was snap back to reality. I related the encounter to my friend. I told her that I saw her but it was not her that I saw, it was something else that impersonated her.

She point out the probability that I might be dreaming or I might mistaken the illusion of the pillow.

Well, if that was her way of consoling or comforting me, I was not taking it down. “I KNEW WHAT I SAW! I`m not dreaming and I`m definitely not hallucinating OK!!! There is something else in here. Something ……..!! Com`on, you know how sharp my eyes are, and I can definitely tell the difference between the shape of a pillow and …..” my voice trailed off mid sentence when I lifted the pillow and discover what lies beneath. The were a quite a few pieces of dried leaves and particles. Now, how do you explained that?!! Well, I guess this freak my friend out. She literally pulled me out the bed and out the room.

We relate this incident to our friends and ask if anyone played such tricks on me? Naturally the answer was No! Perhaps you think that the chalet ended here, well no, in fact it lasted exactly 3 days, 2 nights as planned. One moron had even suggested on doing some ghostly stuff. (Can`t remember what they did. Anyway when we went to the office to return the keys, we told the person-in-charge that the place was dirty. Guess what he said? He said that most chalets are dirty, but if you dun offend them they won`t offend you. They are mostly harmless.

Do you believe that most chalets are dirty? Well, I believe. But what puzzled ne was why did that thing impersonated my friend M. What did it wanted? Why me? Why hadn`t it appear again when I`m around with friends? Why are the dried leaves and particles on the bed? The bed is in the middle of the room, the wind couldn`t blew it that far!!!

Anyway, this is my first but not sure if it is the last encounter, coz I`ve haven`t encounter anything weird after all these years. Where did my courage come from? For I had stayed face to face with the thing in the room! Somehow, after thinking back, the thing had not harm me. Perhaps it needs my help or it is juz having fun….. Whatever the reason is, I suddenly pitied the thing.

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