The Lonely Senior

This happened in a public university in Malaysia and I cannot remember which one. This story happened in girls hostel block. It happened many years ago and the freshmen were having their orientation week. One girl was allocated in a double sharing room but was living alone, she did not have a roommate. During the orientation week, the seniors warned them not to open the door if they heard someone knocked on their door in the middle of the night. When the juniors probed further, they figured that it was a ghost of their deceased senior. Years before their admission, a senior of theirs had a brawl with her bf on the phone at midnight. Devastated, she wanted to talk to someone and began to knock on everyone’s door but since it was late, no one answered her. She couldn’t think straight and jumped off from the top floor. Ever since then, she will knock on everyone’s door at the exact time of her suicide.

Upon hearing this, the girl was frightened and did not dare to sleep on her own. When night fell, she couldn’t sleep and kept thinking about the story. Clock ticked and the time came. She heard distant knocking from one end of the corridor, starting from the first room. The knocks will be followed by a lady’s voice “Is anyone willing to talk to me?”

The knocking and desperate begging grew stronger and when it was almost the girl’s room, she was really scared that she hid under her bed with her blanket. Then, it was her room. The knocks were soft…when the girl was anticipating the question, she heard “I finally found someone to talk to”

Upon hearing that, she passed out. After that, she learnt that when the senior committed suicide, her head landed first so in her ghostly form, she was walking with her head on the floor and legs facing the sky. The junior girl did a mistake by hiding under her bed where her senior could see her through the door gap!

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