The Night Walk

I was having my Sec 2 cohort camp when this happened. We were supposed to go for night walk down a forested place in Pulau Ubin. I could remember clearly that it was a Thursday night as the camp facilitators were shutting us up. They said that Thursdays are counted as ‘unholy’ nights because the number 4 in Chinese sounds like death. From experiences in my CCA camp, no one is to go for night walk in odd numbers. I didn’t know why until my encounter…

We were told not to bring any torchlights as this may affect the nightlife in forest so we were to hold on to our partners’ hands while walking along the path until we see our own school-mates at the other end. After 30 minutes or so, it was soon turning 12am… To quicken things, the camp facilitators decided to let us walk in threes instead of twos. One of my partners, P, was scared of the dark so i had switched place with her, to stand at the side and 3 of us held hands as we walked along the path. I was mocking at her for being afraid of the dark.

Suddenly, i saw lots of white figures, with long hair covering the face, at both sides of path! At first i thought it was just some lightings that the camp facilitators had brought along to scare us. I was smiling as we continued down the path where more white figures were seen. A cold breeze blew towards me. Sensing something was not right, i squeezed P’s hands and asked “Do you see what i see?” P answered,”What? What you see?….” My other partner, J replied, “What happened? What you saw? Don’t scare me..” Didn’t want to scare them as the path was long, i said, “Nevermind. Forget about my question. Tell you later.” I didn’t dare to look back (as this was the warning given in ghost shows).

That night after the night walk, many people who went in threes for night walk had claimed to have seen “things”.

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