Trip To Mount Ophir

This story happened during my army times, which I am still quite active with my scout group. We went to the mountain to locate the correct track to the summit, due to erosion & landslide, most of the old track had gone. We tried to venture into the mountain numerous times to locate the track but was unsuccessful. It was until the fourth time that we found a continuous track leading up followed by down. I was right at the back of the team, I notice that we walk the wrong way because track where people commonly used to walk on is littered with rubbish. However on the track that we are on is very clean. As the group is exhausted from all the tracking, nobody wishes to turn back and re-track the correct route again. We decide to give up conquering Mt. Ophir. So we used the most primitive methods which is to follow the waterfall which will eventually lead us out. As we follow the flow of the water, the tunneling vessel gets smaller & smaller, until at a time it completely submerged into the underground. So we discuss and thought it is best to camp overnight. We decided to tell the group members that we are lost and we ask the group members to do prayer to their respective god for help.

The next morning, we decided to head for the mountain ridge towards the direction of the sun rise. This time round, I am the lead of the team and that is where I saw the cute hair ball jumping & following beside me. I saw it at the corner of my eyes. About 5-6 of them, black, light brown, dark brown & grey colour. I ask my friend behind me whether did he see anything beside me as we walk? He replied nothing. So as I continue walking, I saw it again and when I turn my head towards that direction, it just disappeared. At that time I am very curious. I am a person who does not have fear at all. No ghostly thoughts come to me, as it was a bright sunny morning. Subsequently, I saw it again but this time I tell myself, if it were to appear again, I am going to pounce on that spot to try to catch it.

This time I did pounce on the spot but all of it disappeared into thin air. There is thick vegetation grown on the ground, so I thought maybe they burrow into the vegetation or ground, so I try to dig in. To my surprise, underneath the thick vegetation grown on the ground is a piece of rock which is where I stand. So it impossible for this animal to burrow into the rocks! Then everyone ask me what am I doing. I was embarrassed to tell them what i see because I had no evidence to proof to them that I actually saw something. I explained my actions by mentioning that I was looking for insect but I still kept the truth to myself.

With this feeling in my heart, I carry on back to the track. Somewhere in front of my way is a bush, I bashed through it and ripped open the bush, to my surprise, I saw a black top half figure right in-front of me, which was very near, about a few Centimeters from me. I was stunted for a while the thing was still standing in-front of me. It suddenly vanish when I blinked my eyes.

After all these happenings, I blame it on my tiredness or just pure illusions. I did not fear as I am more concerned to get my scouts to get out of this forest. Primary concern for me is to get out of this place. While we are climbing the ridge, we have bashed through a lot of palm trees with many thorns. I took my dagger to chop the branches (this dagger is given by my uncle when I first join scout during secondary one). It had accompanied me through many tracking expedition. No mishap happened during the whole journey. We managed to come out of jungle and surprisingly the exit is near to the 3rd waterfall where it leads to the summit. But unfortunately, I lost my dagger which I put it back into the leather holder and I remember clipping the holder strap. But the dagger just disappear and the strap still holding on to each other. Maybe as what the urban legend prescribes, the dagger is protecting the master. I am very sad at that moment that I did not take care of my things. I have never lost my stuff before. The feeling is as if I lost a good friend and I feel bad to leave it in the forest alone.

At the waterfall where everyone having fun, I was soaking in the pool alone, I started to recall what had happened during the journey out of the jungle, suddenly I realized the fear as I know what I had seen was not any illusions.

I have another encounter. It happened during my first trip to Mt. Ophir which was when I am in secondary one; we manage to climb up the Mt. Ophir as we are lead by my senior. The whole group of us camped overnight at Botak hill. When we reached the hill, there is a small fire burning the bush.( some camper pour petrol oil on the bush) As there is limitation on the space, my tent is near to the fire. I proceeded to the burning area to urinate on the burning fire hoping it can kill the fire with it. Well it did. So that night we sleep there but sometime in the early morning around 3-4 am, I wake up and realized all my 3 seniors were not with us anymore and only my 2 juniors and myself are left in the tent. I slowly turned my head towards the other side, I saw the fire burn again and this time round, it was quite big and I saw many figures squirting around the fire, as though to keep warmth. I thought that my leader and the rest of the scout friends were there chit-chatting and I was about to join them. I pulled away my sleeping bag but the weather is freezing. I tell myself I rather continue sleeping. Armed again with my sleeping bag, I went on to sleep. The next morning, I saw my friends and I said to them, “Wah Lau(Hokkien: “Oh My God”), you all go to the fire place and chit- chat but never call me.” Then they replied, “You siao (Hokkien: “Crazy”) , everyone was so tired that we slept like a pig, so warm inside the sleeping bag, where we got the time to chit-chat till early morning.” Then I keep quiet, because i know what they said is genuine and I know definitely I saw something. But the truth about the burning bush is there is no fire at all.

My friends own experience.

This friend of mine is the same buddy in the scout I am in since we are juniors. He went Mt. Ophir with another team of scouts whereby he almost fell off the cliff if his friend didn’t grab his backpack else he will never live to tell this story.

The incident happened when they try to climb by the rocky path to the summit. He was the first to climb up (early morning about 7a.m.). As he was climbing up to reach the flat ground (pushing himself up), he say he saw a pair of legs in front of him, so he looked up and saw a tall women( never notice what she wear). Being shocked for a while, he lost balance and fell back rolling down. His friend mentioned that he saw my friend look up & pause for awhile and than started to roll backwards. While rolling down, he passed by their legs and that’s where his friend grab my friend’s backpack. That’s how his friend saved his life. The strange phenomenal thing is that there is no scratch or injury on my friend at all.

Everything is physically fine. (Lets just imagine that the rocks is not smooth or flat surface, it is irregular in shape and uneven surface, how can someone roll down without any bruise? I’ve climb there before and when I reached the top, my two inner thigh is full of scratch marks, pain like hell. As there is no ropes, I have to use my thigh to grip the rocks as I climb up, the rock surface is coarse).

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