The Ouija Board

This happened roughly about 1 year ago and at that time I was introduced to the ouija board by my friend, Angel. I was quickly hooked on it and played many fun hours with her. We even introduced this game to the rest of our gang. Things were fine at first as we get on our life as usual till on the fateful Saturday where we (7 of us) planned to go to East Coast beach. This story at ECB is only the beginning. We got into more trouble on the following weeks which I am going to relate in my next stories.

We had a fun day, playing and laughing together..basically being goofy. Its only when we are going home and we have to use the tunnel and Ali shouted some thing just for the fun of it. All was still fine and it was only when we board the train at City hall when Ali behave strangely. We were all sitting down on the Mrt floor. He started to look uncomfortable and kept on pulling his hair. It was spooky just looking at him. He remain this way till we reach jurong east and have to use a dark stretch of path to walk home. It was at this point where Angel felt all her hairs standing on end and thus we decided to bring Ali to his sister?s car which is nearby.

Along the way, Ali started to vomit and cry. When I saw him like this, I suspect that something is trying to possess him. I think it was because he is weak within so I decided to cast a passing of strength spell to him (I am a witch, if u have forgotten) He seem alright when we escort him to the car but I felt weak and collapsed! Luckily there were a few guys around and they decided to take a cab to sent me home to Jurong west. Even in the cab, we can still sense the presence of the ?thing?. The thing must have sense my lack of strength and decided to follow me.

Well, Angel follows me to my door step where I was safe(my house is well protected against spirits and evil) However, when I was in the toliet, getting ready to bathe, and as i took off my beach dress, something fell out. It was a long strand of hairs( about 20) It could not be mine as my hair was not that long and mine is brown whereas that hairs was at least waist long and was black. I was spooked but I called up my friends to see how they were. Angel said that along the way back, they could still sense that thing presence??

Well, that?s all for now and there are still many more happenings along the weeks that followed so hang on there guys.

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