Labrador Unforgettable Night

At one night when me and my friends where at labrador park, i think it was around 1.00am at that time, there were 5 of us. We were walking towards Carpark B, then my friend and I saw a black shadow jump down from the slope from the right side and was very fast so we didn’t see how big it was. WE WERE SHOCKED!!! Then we continue to walk in front, but there was not a single soul around…

Then after that my frens all came to meet me at Labrador Park Carpark B cause they were late so they came later, at that time we were all at the sea side resting. So when they came I told them all what happened so later my friend gave a suggestion to us, he said why not we all now go explore the area so we all agreed. We all walked and walked until we all saw a public toilet so we all took a rest at there and we very tired at that time.

We sat down on the floor and we all started to chit chat until later we heard something. The tree leaves started to have loud sounds like something is whacking the leaves then we all suddenly shut up. All dare not to say a thing cause we all just wanted to concentrate on the sound. Then later my friend said ok now all stand when he count to 3, he started to count, until the count of 3 we all stood up and faster walked out to the exit.

We all at that time had no mood to continue to explore the place cause we were all scared, then we walk and walk but the sound keep on following us, it was getting nearer and nearer so we all walk faster until we all reach the road and there was a canteen at there so we walk there and sat down then at that time the sound was gone so we were all felt safe but luckily nothing happen to us at that time otherwise I really don’t know how to go home so what I think is the dirty thing need to travel on trees but I dunno how to explain.

What my fren told me was that spirits always hang out on trees so that why people say dun stare at the tree at night otherwise you will see something on the tree I know this story is not scary but at least we all know that labrador is not a safe place at night cause what I heard was that last time Labrador Park is a war time place so many people died there so it now it is a haunted place.

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