The Pasir Ris Tower

This incident happened to me and a few others about a year ago.

My cousin, boboy, me, some of his friends and my other cousins were walking to the Costa Sands Resort as it was my grandma’s birthday. Its was dark except for the moonlight. Some of boboy’s friends lit cigarette so that we could see better. By the time we reached there,it was 11.15pm

After we ate, I asked permission from my mum to allow me to go and take a stroll with the rest of them. My mum allowed so we decided to take a walk. Suddenly,an idea struck to one of boboy’s frenzz,Hakim. He suggested that we would go to the tower nearby. So,everyone agreed. We took our torchlight along. Before entering the the area, we recited some prayers. Mat,one of boboys frenz told us not to look behind if anybody called.

Before entering the tower, there will be a maze. We walk there three in a row. I was lucky enough to get in the middle of the row and at the same time, with my boyfriend,Zaini. So when we entered the maze, we saw this ‘apek'(old man) digging a hole on the ground. We decided to ignore him as we taught he was a cleaner or something. So we continued walking.

After reaching the end of the maze,we were relieved. But when we looked up at the tower, we saw a boy, maybe in his teens wearing black t-shirt and pants. He was like standing at the tip of the cement his hands wide apart. Then suddenly, he jumped,but when we looked downwe saw nothing. We were shocked that we ran back to the maze and quickly back to the entrance.We saw the old man again, but this time staring at us.

We quickly head 4 the entrance. When we were running, we saw an eagle fly past us. We ran as fast as we could. When we reached the Costa Sands Resort, we went to the side of the swimming pool, we told each other what we saw. Some of us were shocked when Kamarul, my ex boyfriend said tat he saw a womens head despite others saw an eagle. He said that he had forgotten to recite the prayers. So, if anyone dares to got there, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! If u wanna noe more about the stories,just e-mail me.

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