The Retreat In Philippines

There was a retreat in Philippines. When the group of people were going to a place one boy stayed because he said he wasnt feeling well so he stayed in the convertable toilet in the forest. Beside that toilet an old house was there which is locked. When she is the toilet waiting for the group to come back he could hear some children playing outside so he went out and checked it out if the children were there. But there were no children he thought it was only an imagination. So he checked out the old house cause the door knob was knocked off. So he peeked through it but he only saw a red color. The next day the group went again he still stayed cause he was feeling much more awful than yesterday. So he stayed again in the toilet the same thing happened to him again…. The next day they had to go back to their houses. There was an old lady who comes there every month to clean the house. So the boy asked her what is there in that house. She said the story to the boy that there is a 6 year old boy who died in that house because he had a red eye before he died. So the red thing he keeps on seeing on the door knob is the eye of the boy who died there….

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