The Room

This story took place about a year ago. During my school holidays, my parents had enrolled me into a youth camp. I was together with my two cousins at that time. Now, my brothers as well as some of my guy cousins had undergone a similar youth camp at the same place, the Pusat Dakwah Islamiah. Last time was for guys, this time it was the girl’s turn.

The boys had earlier scared us, by telling us ghost stories. Here are a couple of their stories, just for entertainment as I cannot vouch for how true they are:

Story #1

There was once this guy who was in a youth camp similar to ours. He was a big an of playing the guitar, especially late at night. The teachers (for lack of a better word) warned him against it, saying that he’ll be sorry. Of course, being a teenager, he didn’t listen. Late one night, he went to the stairs and started playing his beloved instrument. Things were going quite well. They weren’t told what happened next, but apparently, he got a visitation from a supernatural being and immediately ran to find his teacher.

Story #2

The caretaker of the place was doing his usual duty, cleaning up the places. He came to the seldom-used toilet near the back. He tried to open it, but it was locked. He peeked under the space between the door and the floor and was able o catch a glimpse of someone’s feet and decided to wait for the person to finish whatever he was doing so that he could clean up the toilet. He waited and waited and waited, but the person inside still hadn’t come out. Worried, he knocked on the door and asked if the person was okay, but got no answer. He looked under the door again and to his shock, didn’t see the feet he saw earlier. He tried opening the door again. This time, he was able to open it quite easily. He went in and looked around the toilet (it was not much bigger than a cubicle) but didn’t see anyone hiding. Something made him look outside. What he saw chilled his bones. A woman in ragged white clothes which were so dirty that there was mud dripping down from it, was walking away from the toilet door, her muddy footprints clearly visible on the floor.

Okay, now back to my part of the story. It was our last night there. We were holding an impromptu sleepover in one of the other girl’s room. The whole period of the camp, we had made fun of ghosts and the like, trying to scare each other by knocking on someone else’s door then running away. Yes, I know, not very mature of us.

Anyway, this last night wasn’t an exception. We had unanimously decided to tell ghost stories that night. Although not all the girls were there, most of them were present. We terrified each other out of our wits with our very best ghost stories, then all dropped off to sleep. (15 girls in two single beds, it was NOT comfortable, lemme tell you!)

We had not encountered anything scary that night. Even though we scared ourselves half to death with our stories, nothing ‘supernatural’ happened, and we slept rather peacefully.

However, the next day, we heard a story from one of the girls who were not at our sleepover party. Apparently, the last evening we were there, this girl in question had taken a walk in the area around the hostel block while the rest of us were eating. In the middle of her walk, she had seen a woman in a long brown dress enter a room. Curious, as she knew that the other girls should be in the dining hall, she took a look at the room number.

To her surprise, the room number was 2-17, even though she was on the first floor. Feeling that something strange was going on, she ran to where the rest of us were stuffing our faces. She kept quiet about what she saw.

After our dinner, we all went back to our rooms to hang out. This girl went with one of her friends whose room was on the second floor. There were only 10 rooms on the first floor, and she wanted to check whether the second floor had more rooms or were numbered differently or something.

When she confirmed that the second floor rooms were numbered from 2-01 to 2-10, she couldn’t stand it. She broke down and cried, telling her friends what she had seen just now. After they got the whole story from her, they all trooped back to where she said she saw the lady in brown. Where the room door was, they only found a blank wall. To make matters worse, that blank wall was next to her room!

Apparently, this was why that girl and her roommates didn’t join us in the sleepover. They were too scared to go out of their room, just in case they saw that apparition.

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