Pulau Ubin

I was a CI in the NPCC organization in the late 90’s. And we have annual camps involving 9 to 10 schools in official areas on the island.

All of these incidents happened at the old campsite which has been demolished i believed.

1) there used to be an old storehouse “HQ” in the camp just beside the main gate. right in front of the “HQ” is a gate leading to an old jetty. there is a huge rock exactly 5 metres from the tip of the jetty. the rock is submerged during high tide but can be seen at low tide. this incident happens on one of the low tides.

It was the middle of the night and one of my colleagues was staring out at sea unable to sleep. while the night view is very beautiful from the spot where he is perched at, it wasn’t what he is looking at. He was staring at something which i could discern to be a human shape on the sea. Following his line of sight and illuminated by the bright moonlight, i can see that its a long haired person in white standing on the rock in the sea. It wasn’t very far from us, approximately 15 metres. As realization came to me of what i am looking at, i picked myself up and moved towards my fellowman. While i was sitting down beside him and keeping my eyes on the figure.. it turned its head 180 degrees, stick out its tongue to its feet.. and flew towards us. We woke up the next morning in the medics tent with a fever..

2) Behind the “HQ”, in a direct opposite direction from the jetty, is a huge tree. On the tree hung a clock 2 metres from the ground. In front of the tree, is a wooden bench which can sit 3 people. And at the feet of the bench.. is a stone tablet. The stone tablet acts somewhat like a switch. There are some inscriptions on the tablet, but they are faded.

One late night, while gathering the campers for a debriefing session, my buddy and I sat ourselves on the bench with the 200+ or so campers in front of us, half asleep.

My buddy gave a holler to wake the groggy eyed kids up, “Alright everyone, the debriefing for the night is starting soon..”

We understand that its late and they are tired, but its to make sure they are listening to what we are going to tell them to ensure their safety at night..

After seeing one of them right in front of our feet nearly falling over from sleep, my buddy gave another holler. The kid woke up instantly.

15minutes passed and we can see the kid still wide awake and staring at us intently.. 30 minutes passed.. and we can see the whole assembly staring at us intently.. well, not quite at us.. but more specifically, something behind us..

As i have stated in the first few sentences, there is nothing behind us, except a big tree.

I asked the camper softly, “Not tired ?”

He answered, “No sir”

I asked again, “what are you guys staring at ?”

he and his whole group of friends whispered.. “..the girl in white on the tree behind you..”

oh man, my buddies and i froze on the bench for a long time.. and the apparition vanished only after my other instructors came and took over over bench, thus starting the debrief.. and having me removed my foot on the stone tablet..

3) We used to build rope obstacles on a hill in the campsite. there are many trees and a huge water tank on the hill. Its the same place where the campers sleep, since there is a big clearing on the hill as well. its the ideal place to hold an activity.

One night, we were all awaken by a loud scream from one of the female campers.. and from asking, we got to know that someone was trying to enter her tent and actually succeeded and was trying to press himself on her..

Well, its not that we do not believe her account, but firstly, the male area is far away from the females area. secondly, the tent is small, and she shares it with 3 others. how could someone enter the tent without waking the other 3.. ? And the 4 girls are sleeping perpendicular to the entrance of the tent with one tent flap secured.. the victim is in the center.

Anyway, after the incident, my buddy and I were dispatched to do guard duty at the male and females areas respectively, whilst a female instructor is sent along with my buddy to the females areas. and that left me all alone in the male areas. Well, its alright to be alone, but not at night. the reasoning was i have the highest “yang” energy among all the instructors ( lol, wth is this reason, you can’t find this kind of reasoning nowadays )and with so many male bodies sleeping there.. i should be quite safe -.-” anyway, i perched myself on the water tank, where i can see the whole area, but no one can see me, its a perfect sniper spot.

Deep into the night, around 3am, i witness someone playing the rope ops… well, attempting ops at night is pretty dangerous, although the moon is bright..but since the moon is bright.. i should be able to see who it is pretty soon since the rope ops end below the water tank. well.. as the shape comes nearer.. instead of seeing the familiar features of a camper.. i am still seeing a black shadow.. fuzzy edges, but definitely a human shape, not to mention doing the ops like a monkey. I immediately switch on the loud hailer and spoke “HALT”. ( ahem.. army does that to people sometimes) the shout dissipate the black shadow.. ( yes dissipate.. it dissolved in front of my eyes) and woke up the whole camp..well, camp OIC asked me what happened, and i promptly told him.. everyone were quiet after i gave my account.. it seemed that the black shadow i saw is exactly the same as the black shadow the girl saw.. After the incident, its termed the Black Commando of ubin campsite.

Many more stories that happened in the camp, and on the island itself.. will post some other time..

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