Seventh Month

The Hungry Ghost Festival starts somewhere between July and August every year. It is an event where believers said spirits from hell were released on a one month holiday and they are roaming around looking for food and fun. As such believers have certain rules where they observe as a show of respect for those spirits.

During the 7th month, it is common to see the swimming pool having lesser business. People are quite reluctant to stay out till late. There will be road shows being held with singers and performers putting out a show for our brothers and sisters which is called “Ge Tai”. Chinese would never marry in this month thinking you might be inviting uninvited guests who will of course eat for free. But there are people who believed otherwise. Naturally the cost of staging a wedding is going to come down due to bad business so many would take the opportunity to get married in order to save cost. Then there is another group of people who believed that the 7th month is infact a lucky month. At the stroke of 12am, many people can be found making offerings, burning hell notes for the heaven as according to their beliefs, it is an auspicious time to do something good for the heaven. They believe the deeds would be returned many times over.

Then, there are people who believed that you have to be careful when you go out because the floors would be littered with “kim jua” which is ashes and it is believed that stepping on them can bring bad luck. People also spend lesser time at playgrounds and parks believing spirits are loitering and they could follow you home after that. The most important rule of all is do not anyhow pee on bushes when you’re out as chances of our brothers sleeping in those bushes are high and you can imagine what he is gonna give to you if you pee on him.

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