The Bundle

I dunno if this can qualify as a ghost story but its true and actually happen to my family.

It all started a day before Hari Raya. As usual, my dad would boil ‘ketupats’ along our corridor. At the same time, he was cleaning the potted plants outside when he felt uneasy and went straight to a particular plant and dig up the soil. To his suprise, he found a small bundle. It was gold in colour and had some siamese words inscripted on it. Being inquisitive, my dad opened up the the bundle and saw a piece of small Buddha chain in it. At that point of time, he felt goosebumps all over his body so he quickly threw the whole thing in the rubbish chute. That proves to be a grave mistake!

The next day was Hari Raya and we all went out but my mum was feeling sick. It was weird coz the previous day she was ok and in an instant she was sick. My little sister too fall sick and kept on vomitting. I didn’t suspect any foul play coz i was pretty sceptical bout the whole thing. I thought nothing would happen to me but i was wrong. I fell sick too the next day. My whole body was aching and felt feverish. I couldn’t get up by the time it was dusk so i just lay down.

The very next day, my mum, my sis and i went to the doctor but the medicine couldn’t do anything to alleviate my pain. I still refuse to believe that it was because of the buddha thing.

31st of December was a day that i would always remember coz it was then something happened to me. It was 12 midnite when my fever shot up so i went inside my room to rest. I was awaken by two voices asking me to wake up. I could hear the voices clearly and felt that “they” were standing at the foot of bed. I was certain that the voice belonged to a male and a female but the voices was foreign to me. It didn’t sound like any of my family members. The voice just keep on calling me to wake up. I felt my whole body go numb and i couldn’t even utter any prayer. I managed to gather up my courage and told myself to be prepared for the worst when i open my eyes. To my relieve, there was nothing or anyone there when i open my eyes. I quickly ran to my parent’s room and slept there.

I told myself that since i has having a high fever, then those things that i heard must be my hallucination and my condition became worse after that. My hands and legs became cold and my lower half felt paralyse. Upon seeing this, my dad decided to call someone who could help us.

The person who came is quite young and he’s an Indonesian chap. He told my family that it was due to the buddha thing and we all felt sick coz my dad brought that thing inside the house. As he was checking who is the person responsible for it, the lights in my house started to flicker and went off for a few seconds. I was damn scared but i told myself to be brave.

The Indon guy said that the person who did it is someone living in our blk. That person was jealous of my dad and the person’s intention was to paralyse my dad but it backfired and instead, we girls had to experienced it. I was so overwhelmed with anger after hearing that. How i wish i know who that person is so i could do something about it.

Thanx to that person’s help, my whole family has recovered and nothing bad happened eversince. Hopefully no more of this nonsense shit but i’m still curious about the voices that i heard. Were they trying to scare me or what????

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