The Roommate

This incident happened at one of the higher education institutes in Kuala Lumpur. Sarah was recently granted admission into that institute. She was naturally all excited about it. It was the first time she left her home to live on her own and it would begin another new chapter of her life.

She looked forward to the registration day ever since she received that acceptance letter from the Registrar. With her baggage, Sarah arrived at the institute for registration and was assigned to a room on the top floor of the hostel.

As she was looking for her room, she started to wonder who her roommate would be and how is she like. She was all too excited, yet curious, as she walked through the corridors of the place she will spend the rest of her university life.

Sarah finally found her room on the top floor. She tried to open the door but it was locked. She was a bit disappointed as she thought if the door was locked, her roommate was probably not in and hence she would not be able to satisfy her curiosity regarding her roommate. She opened the door with her keys and walked in to see her roommate sleeping inside.

Sarah left her alone and started unpacking her things. It is then that her roommate woke up. They introduced themselves and started a short conversation. Ina was indeed a very pleasant girl. She has shoulder length hair with a rather fair complexion.

Sarah and Ina got along quite well for the rest of the semester. Nevertheless, Ina only showed up after dusk every day and she sleeps very little. To Sarah, Ina must have a well social life and she didn’t give it much thought.

Everything was well until one night. It was a full moon night and the sky was all clear. The hostel was all quiet as it was very late then. The clock showed 3am and Sarah decided she should go to bed already. She asked Ina to switch off the room light and turned on her own reading lamp. Without getting up, the room light was switched off and Ina’s reading lamp turned on. Sarah, already lying on her bed felt strange but didn’t enquire further. She thought she was so tired that she didn’t even notice Ina got off her seat. However, as she turned to look at Ina to say goodnight, she noticed she could see through Ina. She thought she was sleepy and was seeing things. She take another careful look and she realised Ina was transparent! Sarah began to have an uneasy feeling. She covered herself up with her blanket and soon fell asleep.

The next day, Sarah thought about what happened. She began to feel uneasy with Ina. She recalled how nobody in the hostel know about Ina and many expressed surprised that there is such a person living in the hostel after all. She started to think about the late nights Ina stayed up and how she disappeared by dawn only to reappear by dusk the next day.

Sarah went to the Registrar’s office to check if she could find anything about Ina. The clerk told her she could not disclose any information about anyone.

After much persuasion, the clerk agreed to look up the files for her. She was, however, told that she was not supposed to have any roommate.

Sarah was afraid to go back to her room that night. She spent the next few nights at her friend’s room and only went back to get her stuff in the daytime. Sarah immediately applied for a change of room and she was lucky to get it.

Nonetheless, it was still a mystery to Sarah as to the identity of Ina. After all, Ina has been nothing but a nice roommate. Perhaps, some things are better left alone for the truth may be saddening or….

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