Devilish Look

My primary school used to be situated along an accident prone road next to an industrial park. I stayed quite near to my school and would walk to school every morning. It is relatively safe since the area would be rather crowded as buses brought the factory workers into the industrial park.

The school has a rule whereby every students are assigned class duty weekly to help clean up the classrooms. On days when I was assigned a duty, I have to leave for school as early as 5:30am to make sure that I have enough time to clean up the classroom before classes start.

One fateful day when I had class duty, I was heading to my school when I stumbled upon an intriguing old lady. She was just standing right under the overhead bridge which takes me across the road to my school. Although there was nothing unusual about her other than her rather old-fashioned attire, something seems to attract my attention towards her. She gave me a creeping feeling and I can’t help feeling that I am the only person noticing her. The people around me didn’t seem to notice her at all.

As I walked pass her, I noticed she had a very fair complexion. Perhaps she was not only fair but rather pale. Another interesting thing about her was that she kept staring on the road. It’s strange that anyone would be so interested in the road. Nevertheless, I tried to hide my fear of the old lady and proceeded on the bridge.

As I was on top of the bridge, my curiosity made me looked down to catch a glimpse of the old lady. I was taken aback when I saw her looking up at me but still motionless. I turned away immediately but partly scared and partly curious, I looked down again. To my greates horror, she had no face. I could literally see through her face! It’s not that she didn’t have a head but she just didn’t have any face!

I ran all the way to my school and called my parents. I begged them to take me back immediately and since that day, I never walk to school alone before the sun has rise.

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