The Seventh Month – Block 787 HDB Yishun

Story No 1: This is real life encounter that happen when I was still staying at the block opposite Khatib camp second floor . Here goes story which happened on the first day of the seventh month. While watching TV program I swear something was playing with the curtain blind, I can hear it been pulled up and down and again and again….I was quite annoyed that I just ran down stair not turning the light s on.

So I though I could caught that people ‘Red Handed’ but that minute I open that small tiny metal door, all there was..was only hell notes flying around in SLOW MOTION and no one was outside the shop because I turn my head to left to right, the whole stretch of walkway was deserted except for the burning candle, joss stick,orange and some goodies left on the floor. Well! I got the ‘hint’ and I close that tiny metal door ran all the way up stair and some how regretted not turning the lights on.

Story No 2: At block 6xxB, 6th August 2013 (one day before the seventh month)as usual I always visit my friend Aunty Mei Jiao to chit chat. You see, she is a full time tailor and she has a room being converted into a ‘Laughter Buddha  Temple’ and she is another person who is like me who can see the ‘others ‘from the other world.

That after noon I happen to meet her Muslim customer(she stay at Blk 6xx)she is another special person who can see and talk to them till today. She said she met this holy Arabic man in white standing at the entrance of her kitchen for seven days until she ‘bue ta han’ she talk to him and ask if he wanted to stay in the same house but he can not disturb her family member. So hearing her story I said ‘WAH! I though my story was scary yours ‘LAGI’ shoik!

That very night when I was about to sleep I swear I could feel icing cold as though the air-con was on and had to wrap(hardly use blanket) myself up like a pochong,  still feeling very cold and could only get into a broken sleep.

The next day(first day of seventh month) I was down with high fever, headache, no appetite and the whole day I was sleeping on the sofa then in the bed room like as though one thousand year never sleep before.  So could this be a coincidence or just sheer bad luck?

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