Door Facing Main Road – 63 Teban Gardens Road

This story was told by my friend. Many years ago, she brought me to her place, we took a lift and when the lift door opened, there’s a unit which its door faced directly with the lift’s door. She began to tell me the story of that unit owner’s wife.

She said the owner’s wife was possessed by a spirit and it was a very old soul. If I remember correctly, the spirit was a male spirit. She was not highly educated and didn’t listen to any English songs but ever since she was possessed, she would buy English Oldies and danced cha cha or other retro dance at home.

Her family went to Taoist temple to ask medium for help but didn’t work. As she refused to go to the temple, the mediums went to her place instead. My friend said there were 3 mediums went into trance at her place to negotiate with the spirit. At first, the mediums used the soft approach, asked “him” what he wanted so that he would leave her body but he’s fierce and stubborn, refused all the offers. Later, the mediums used the hard approach, scolded the spirit but it still did not work. I understand from my friend , the owner’s wife went in and out of IMH and was treated as a mental patient.

That’s why there’s a reason why people don’t like to buy units which main door face the lift door or any staircase. It is also advisable to place Buddha or Taoist gods statue facing out from the main door to prevent all these spirits from entering the house. I was told that this unit did not have this practice.

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