The Spirit In Her

I have been in my new secondary school for about a year. We had our school hoildays in June and when we came back, we were all unwilling.

I have this Malay friend called Nur ( the names in this story are all held back). When I first met her, she was cheerful and always smiling, but when i saw her when i came back to school, she lost the smile that was always on her face and saw that she had become paler and skinnier. I thought she was just ill and did not ask her what happen as she was with her group of malay frens and it would be a little “extra” if i went over.

We had our Science lessons after our recess and went to the Biology lab. The tables were long and there are two rows of them. Nur was seated at the end of the table neares to the entrance. Suddenly, she began quarrelling with one of her malay best frens, Mira for some unknown reasons. Mira kept asking Nur what was wrong but Nur just repeatedly scolded her. Then Mira became so afraid and began to cry and beg Nur to tell her what was wrong. Then Mira cried “Nur!!” But Nur said ” I am not Nur!!” and ran of the room. Our shocked science teacher asked Mira to chase after her. When Nur was finally dragged back into the lab, Mira related what had happen when she ran to the second floor. She said that Nur had tried to jump off the second floor and luckily some teachers who was walking past pulled her back or else she would have landed either dead or injured on the ground level. Nur was crying hard. Then she suddenly had a tummy ache and rush to the toilet. When she came back, she said she had vomitted water and asked the distraught Mira why she was crying. Mira and our science teacher turned white with fear.

That day, Nur’s parents were sent to school to fetch her home. The next day, Nur was warded to the hospital. Mira went to visit her. Nur told her ” I was in the toilet last night to brush my teeth when i looked into the mirror and saw a caucasian girl. She was smiling at me and said ” I am Anna”. I freaked out and scream and rushed out of the toilet vomitted out what looked like foam.” Mira then said that it was alright, everything has past. Just then, Nur said “She’s here, she’s here, she’s here” And then everything went blank for Nur and then went dead and cold. Mira fainted.

What do you think was that that caused Nur to die and do you think Nur was possessed by Anna?

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