The Very Old Hospital

This story is about the very old Changi Hospital at loyang, and the story begin like this,…

I am a skateboarder who likes to play skateboard, so when i hear about this very old Changi Hospital, i was interested to go with my friends and would like to skate at there to find more interesting things to do with. All my friends included me got FIVE persons only going there.

So when we reach there, we first go to the old Changi hospital and we were so frightened. The strange things was that, when we go in, we still smell the MEDICINE and my friends and i felt the AIR-CONDITION but we just kept quiet. So when we go in further, we saw that one room was cross with a red and white band so we just ignore it.

My friends asked me to go to the roof to see “GRAFITI” so we decided to use the lift and i can’t believe that the lift were still working. So we press the last floor and press the close button, and suddenly……when the door is closing, the red and white band flew infront of us and we all shouted. After we reach the last floor, we just kept quiet.

When we reach the roof, one of the ward’s door open and close when we turn behind the door just stopped. We just kept quiet. But when we saw the Grafiti, it was so colourful. After one hour we came down by using the staircase. As we going down it felt cold again. When we reach the first floor, the red and white band had been pull off and the door was open. And we try to peep inside and we saw…………a lady was sitting on a wheelchair and she was facing the window. And we all kept quiet and just walk off.

when i just want to go to the entrance and i was not purposely turned behind and i saw the lady with the wheelchair following us from behind and i just kept quiet, and i kept to myself and not to tell my other friends and i swear to god that i won’t go to that very old hospital again.

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