Ting Ting Ting Sound

My previous office was in Orchard Road and the building was supposed to be new and we just moved in. I have colleagues who are on shift 365 days a year and one of them had the 3rd eye and could see things. She told me she saw shadows running around the far end corridor of our office very regularly starting from 10pm onwards.

For me, I usually don’t believe in such things but after so many things happened in my life and to people around me, I started believing that such things might actually be real. Who knows?

Anyway, there was this day when I was supposed to go for a business trip and while packing my luggage and work stuff, I realized that I left something important in office and had to go back to get it. It was around 2.30a.m when I reached my office with 1 of my friends.

My friend waited for me at the reception counter while I switched on the lights and went to get the stuff from my desk. While walking to my desk, everything was super silent that I could hear a pin drop. Air con was off and everything was off, no sound at all. I got my stuff and proceeded to walk out of the office towards the reception area.

As I was walking towards the reception area, I suddenly hear a constant “ting ting ting” sound at the far end of the corridor. I didn’t hear that when I was walking in earlier on and didn’t bother about it and continued walking. When I reached the end of the office near the reception area to switch off the lights, suddenly there were heavy footsteps in the office. My balls immediately shrank and I got the hell out of there ASAP.

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