Believe or not..this story is real..

My friend and I asked our teacher whether we could go to the toilet near our class which was located at the 3rd level. Unfortunately, that toilet was occupied.So we had to go to the other toilet BUT..we didnt want to.There was no choice because we only had 5 minutes.

There was a rumor about that haunted toilet,that every girl who goes in there would always here a crying sound of a ghost. So i asked her to go inside the cubicle with me.

after we went inside..the door slammed. We heared a flushing of the toilte from the cubicle besides ours. I was giving her the ‘what’s that?’ face and she said ‘let me check it out..’

She took a look underneathe the door, and to her horror she could see a face looking back at her. She screamed her lungs out. I asked her what happen and she said ‘Umm…Uhh..’ so i checked it out myself. I saw nothing.. But when i was washing my hand..and I looked at the mirror the ‘GHOST’ screamed ‘GET OUT OF MY TOILET!!’ so we told our friends about this..and from then on,NO ONE.AS IN NO ONE dared to go to that toilet. EVER. AGAIN.

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