Toyo In The House

In the year 1991 , Jonathan Muthal, was working at the Coliseum Hotel, in Teluk Intan, Malaysia, as a receptionist. He often had to take shift duties around the clock. One night, he was returning home alone from the hotel, at about 12:30 am, on his bicycle. When he reached home, as usual, he took his bath and was about to go to bed. It was almost 2:00 am. His wife, Jessie, hearing him coming, woke up and walked down the stares stairs as if to go to the bathroom on the ground floor. Jonathan’s mother too, woke up and she too came down on the stare stairway to the living room. His wife’s behavior was somewhat strange according to his mother. His mother knew that Jessie would not wake up in the middle of the night. Then his mother noted that saw Jessie, his wife, go into the kitchen as if to drink some water and from there she seemed to be pulled by someone to escape from the house by the back door. At that point in time his mother pulled her hand into the living room and asked, “Who is pulling you?” His wife could not speak, but by hand signals told his mother that someone was pulling her to escape by the back door of the terrace house.

His mother suspected that she had seen a ghost and she was disturbed. She telephoned the church pastor, Pastor T. John, to immediately come over to pray for the family. Pastor T. John came soon. During prayer Pastor T. John instructed them that the back door of the house be opened wide. While he was praying Pastor T. John commanded the spirit, “Toyo” or “Jinn” to leave the house by the back door. Jonathan’s wife said she saw the “Jinn” at that moment and it was rushing out of the living room in a hurry as if to escape by the back door. It ran off in such a hurry that several articles fell off along the way fell off or moved from their places. One of them was a large helmet that was placed on a table near the back door. It fell off the table is if someone in a clumsy manner had brushed it in a hurry. The helmet rolled along the small hall way that led to the back door of the house. After this incident, Jonathan’s wife did not see the “Jinn” in the house again. Later on, they learned that a woman who was practicing witchcraft behind their house, was rearing a spirit called “Jinn.” This “Jinn” would obey her orders to steal money from drawers in the homes of people, to disturb or charm, people and to frighten children. They learned a few weeks later, that the woman who practiced that craft suddenly died, without any illness. The family members in the house were very scared that the “Jinn” that the woman reared had caused her death. They were afraid that the “Jinn” would continue to disturb their family and so they quickly moved out of that house.

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