Ubin’s Pontianak

This happened last year on Good Friday itself. I was at Kampong Nordin, Ubin, with my silat mates.( Silat is the malay martial arts) It was almost midnite and we having a campfire. All of us felt a sudden hunger. Since the nearest shop was closed, we went to the jetty to get food. It was quite a long walk. But since we were in a big group, timepassed by easily. On the way there, i saw this beautiful lady and was enchanted by her. She smell so nice and sweet. Surprisingly, all the ‘buayas’ in my group had no reaction as though they didn’t see her. I dismissed it and continued walking. Everything was fine until i was on the way back to the campsite. I saw the lady again and she followed us. She was walking beside me trying to hold my hands. I was shocked!!! As i was tomboyish, i tot this lady mistook me for a guy and wanted to ‘get-to-noe’ me. Again i was surprised that there were no reactions from the others who were there. I knew sumthing was wrong.! Absolutely wrong!! This is nothing…….

At the Campsite itself, the lady suddenly took off her feet and flew up to the tree nearby!!! I almost pee in my pants when i saw that. Then, my mates realised sumthing was wrong with me. I insisted that nothing was wrong. Throughout the whole nite she was sitting up there, i can’t sleep at all. In the middle of the nite, i turned and saw her next to me! I sat up and my senior gave me a bottle of water to drink. Oh My God!! I could have died down there ah!

As though that isn’t enough, she followed me all the way to jetty the next day when we wanted to leave! She pulled me when i was about to board the boat and i fell! I got onto it and just went off, thinking that it was the end of my nightmare… But no! When i was onshore, i heard her calling out my name!!! Till today, i hear it evertime i’m at changi beach….

Believe it or not it is up to u all… but i swear this is the truth!

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