Underpass At Bay Shore

The underpass near Bay Shore Park leading to ECP.

Believe it or not, this underground pass is believed to be haunted. Or should I say any underground buildings and structures are rumored to gather “yin” energy – The dark force which the Chinese believed when present in substantial amount would invite “dirty” beings. This structure looks fairly old and well sheltered from sunlight. A condition needed for “yin” energy to gather. At night this place is extremely eerie and without good lighting, users of this underground pass often complained of “shadows” darting around here although many would attribute this to poor lighting. Another reader even emailed us and added that some even believed this underground pass to be the passage way to Hell! The reason is because one end of this underground pass faces the inland and the end faces the sea. This created a good “link” for the spirits to move from the “other world” to ours.

Inside the underground pass

Even in the day, the other end of the pass is dark. One account that was emailed to us revealed the most unimaginable: “I know of a secondary school friend who have the ability to see the spirits. She is the honest and decent kind who would not joke about such things. During camps and chalets all of us would be having lotsa fun and sometimes she would simply shut up all of a sudden and go to bed. And on the next day when we questioned her, she would say that our fun and rowdiness and attracted “friends” from the “other” world and that she felt very disturbed and simply wanted to sleep. From then onwards we would simply turn in one by one whenever she became “weird” and quiet all of a sudden.

She also said that the underground pass leading to East Coast Park from Bay Shore was haunted. There was one night where she was going home after a BBQ alone when she had to use the pass. She saw “children” playing around the pass. There were see-saws, slides and swings around the pass. She told me that it was a very “dirty” place and ever since I heard that story I never use that underground pass again.

The path leading to the sea from the underground pass

This is the path leading to the East Coast Beach from the end of the underground pass. According to a reader, a murder case once took place here: “The story goes something like this: Many years ago a murder took place around East Coast and the body was dumped here (near the area shown above). However the weirdest thing is that although the corpse is found, the right hand of the body was never recovered. Ever since then, there have been many cases of rustling in the bushes and a few even claimed that they saw the hand. So the next time you hear noises in the bushes, Don’t look! It could very well be the lost hand!”

The Bedok Jetty – Favourite for anglers

At anytime of the day, and month of the year, anytime you can pop by at Bedok Jetty and find dozens of anglers. This structure is one of the best spots for fishing and also many drowned near it.

There have been several cases of people drowning near this jetty. In one of the cases, one of the victims is actually my good friend’s uncle. Stories are that the jetty has “intruded” the privacy of the Sea and the dark forces and misfortune has befallen on some of its users. We talked to one of the fishing enthusiast who identified himself as Mr Ching, age 43 told us: “Indeed, any structures that attempt to overcome nature invite misfortune. An earthquake can always bring a tall building down, a tsunami can always destroy any buildings near the sea, strong wind and always bring a bridge down and not to mention a small jetty. Although it is still standing, I believe that Man is destined to stay on land. This those drowning cases are victims of Man’s ambition to conquer the sea.”

Another angler, Ahmad Syed, 39 commented: “There is this time where I will never forget. It was about 2 am in the morning and I casted a live bait into the sea. About a few minutes later the fishing rod was jerking and of course that meant a catch. However when I tried to reel the line in, the “fish” behaved strangely. Instead of swimming away from the direction I was trying to pull the “fish” in, the “fish” actually swam towards me! And just as I was trying to reel the fish out of the water, the “fish” swam away again! Surprised by the sudden movement, I almost lost my fishing rod. And somehow when I was trying to “fight” ( a technique used by anglers to weaken fishes so as to pull them out of the water) with the “fish”, I feel as if there is someone down there at the water trying to play a fool with me. After some 15 minutes of struggling and tugging, I managed to recover my hook and weight from the water, only to find the live bait gone. Of course no fish can eat the bait without being “caught” by the fishing hook. Apparently it seems like “someone” removed the bait!”

Mr Ahmad Syed also advise youngsters not to swim near the jetty at night. Other than nasty jellyfish, he believes that “water spirits” lurk in the water especially at night. He said he has heard enough stories of good swimmers drowning in the water there and he personally make it a point not to go into the water at all. “There was once I caught a sting ray about 2m long but I simply cannot get it up to the jetty. While other anglers would go into the waters and try to drag the string ray by the tail onshore, I simply cut the fishing line and let it go. I mean as long as I am alive I can always catch many more string rays, why risk your life over one?”

The MOST haunted – ECP’s Yellow Tower

A few years back, a couple met a group of rapists while they were having a date at the top of the Yellow Tower. In his bid to protect his girlfriend, the guy was badly beaten up and dragged to the base of the tower and his girlfriend was brutally gang-raped and killed. After that incident, it was rumoured that the girl’s spirit still hang around the Yellow House. Cyclists who cycle past there at night have heard cried and a white ghostly figure floating around the Yellow Tower. In an email sent to Singalore.com: ” My friends and I were having a BBQ at a chalet at Costa Sands East Coast and feeling bored, we decided to take a walk along the beach. There were about 5 of us, all guys and as we were chatting and walking we neared the Yellow Tower, 2 of the guys suddenly turned pale and started running back to the chalet. I personally did not notice anything in particular but sensing something amiss, I ran with the rest as well! It was only back at the chalet before the 2 guys confessed that both saw a white figure standing at the tower and they started running when it floated towards them! Another friend of mine then pointed out that a murder once took place there and it was the victim female spirit that was kind of guarding the tower. Ever since that night, I never went near the tower at night.

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