Changi Beach Incident

This is a real life incident that happened to my close friends who are Christians. They are the least superstitious so when they related the encounter to me. I knew they are not pulling my legs. My friend, an avid angler, would often go around the beaches to recce for good fishing spots whenever he has time. So, there was this one afternoon he happened to pass by Changi beach (the stretch along the air cargo complex) and decided to go take a look.

It was low tide and part of the sea bed is visible. As he walked along the beach, he spotted 2 flower pots lying on the sea bed. He decided to take! a closer look and on examination, found those pots were in perfect condition and of very nice design too. As his mother-in-law loves gardening, he decided to take the pots home and give it to her. Those pots were very nice and she would definitely like it, he thought. So, carrying a pot each in his hand, he walked toward the public toilet planning to wash it clean before heading back to his car. The uncle manning the public toilet saw him approaching with those pots and promptly ask him what is he doing with those pots. “Young man, do you know what is that you are carrying?”, the old man asked. “These are nice flower pots I found at the beach. I want to wash it and bring it home”, my friend replied.! “P ut it back where it belongs! These are urns people use in cremation!”, the old man shouted.

My friend was both stunned and apologetic. He quickly head back towards the beach to put those 2 pots where it belongs. In the midst putting back those pots, he accidentally drop one of them and it broke into several pieces. Feeling a bit uneasy, he quickly put the broken pieces together with the unbroken one back into the sea and left that place. Now, he did not relate this incident to anyone, not even his wife. A few days passed and he completely forget about this whole incident. About 1 week later, my friend had a argument with his wife (you know,typical husband and wife tiff) and so his wife decided to sleep on the sofa in the l! ivi ng room (Hey! I thought it should be the other way round!). Anyway, right in the middle of the nite at about 3 am, she went running back into the bedroom and hug my friend closely. Huh, she must have forgiven me, my friend thought. But why is she shivering?

My friend did not ask as he was half asleep. Next day, she related what happened. She was suddenly awoken in her sleep and when she open her eyes while still lying on the sofa, she saw a long hair woman in white gown walking towards their bedroom. Being a Christian,she instinctively prayed aloud and shouted at that “woman” to leave the house. That “thing” responded by turning around, walked towards her and left through the living room windows. My friend”s wife was scared shitless. She fell ill for several weeks and their church mates even held a prayer session in their house. Now, even at the point, nobody knew about the urn incident at the beach, not until my friend”s mother-in-law went to a chinese temple to seek help from a medium to help her daughter recover from a prolonged illness.

The whole episode of the lady in white gown was related to the medium. The answer that the medium gave shocked the hell out of my friend! The medium said that her husband (ie my friend) had brought home the female ghost. This lady apparently had committed suicide together with her lover and somehow my friend “pick”! he r up by accident. At this point, my friend related the incident at the beach to everyone and the medium said if he had brought those pots into his car, he would have met a serious accident and would not have survived. He should thank his “benefactor”, the toilet attendent, who warned him about the urns. The urn that he broke holds the ashes of the lady which explains why “she” follow him back since her “house” is broken. My friend”s wife recover after drinking some water with burned talisman from the medium (though a Christian, she drank it because her mother was very adamant and worried for her). My friend got a good scolding from his mother-in-law and was warned not to take “rubbish” home in the fu! tur e. So people, please be warned that it is not wise to bring home things discarded by others especially stuff like umbrellas, mirrors, old furnitures, pots, clothes, toys, etc. “cos you never know you might bring home some unwanted “guest” too!!!

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