Uninvited Visitors at 103 Woodlands Street 13

I lived here in Woodland St 13 blk 101 for more than 10yrs..before all the upgrading started: swimming pool, stadium, MRT Station etc were built. Before all these facilities were built, the places were all covered with forests..trees..bushes..

The existing small garden or park opposite the swimming pool, used to be an old temple. There are stray dogs larking around everywhere including some at the old temple. They even kept a Monkey in the temple, for what purpose, I don’t remember as I was very little then.

It was a new 3 room flat when we moved in. We lived on the 11th floor. Every night, my family can hear howling of the dogs & strong wind. It gets louder & clearer especially when it rains. Everything was fine when 2 incidents happened…

The first one is my mum’s story. We have this cuckoo clock hanging on the wall of our dining room. It was normal in the day, well, nothing happened at night actually, we thought. Until one night, my dad for don’t know what reason, used the dining room toilet instead of the master bedroom one. He left the room door slightly ajar.

My mum was woken up by him & waited for him to return to his bed. But what she saw was my dad (she thought) was walking towards the living room instead, hunchback & walking very slowly into the dark. She waited for more than 15min when my dad finally return to the room. My mum then ask him what took him so long & why he went to the living room. My dad then explained that he had a terrible stomachache & he did not went to the living room but went straight back to the bedroom after he was done. He felt a sudden shiver as he was on his way to the dining room.

Months past after this incident when one of our relatives came to our flat for a visit. He pointed to the cuckoo clock & said: “There is an old witch living in that clock, remove it immediately!”. That’s when my mum realized, its not my dad whom she saw that night. And why my dad felt a sudden shiver? Because the witch & my dad bump into each other on their way. The witch did not harm us at all..but its still creepy.

The second incident happened to me when I was maybe 4-6yrs old. Me & my sis share the same room together, separate from our parents. I would wake up in the middle of the night, started playing & talking to myself. My sis got annoyed & ask me to get back to sleep. I told her: “The ‘jie jie’ (Sister) wanna play with me, she don’t let me sleep.” My sis ignore & got back to her sleep. She told my mum about it & my mum decided to check on me the following night.

My mum saw me trying to sleep but I looked irritated. She came to me & asked me about it. I said to her: “Ma, can you tell ‘jie jie’ I wanna sleep, I don’t wanna play with her.” My mum stare at me in shock as my sister was sleeping soundly beside me. She ask: “Jie jie is sleeping ah.” I said: “No, not this jie jie, is the one at the wall. She don’t let me sleep.” Goosebumps fell over the place when my mum heard what I said to her.

Without fail, my mum went to a priest the following day. She was then told that the spirit was a young lady, a long distant relative of ours who came to our house. I am the only person whom she can get close to & so she played with me all these while. She meant no harm, but was making me annoying sometimes to play with her. The priest then helped to do the necessary rituals & sent her away. Everything was back to normal then.

I am a ‘sensitive’ person. So when you say which area is the most haunted? I would tell you its everywhere, is only whether you are ‘lucky’ enough to meet ‘them’.

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