Playful Spirits AT WOODLAND RISE 783C

This happened to me and my family at our current house in Woodlands blk 783C. We stayed there since 2000 and this incident happened to me in 2004.

It was early in the morning around 6am to 6.30am. I was going to take the plastic bag at the service balcony as I will be having my canoeing training later in the afternoon after school and the plastic bags were used to put my wet clothes in it. So at that time, something unexplainable happened to me for the first time.

The windows at my service balcony are all fitted with venetian [horizontal slats] blinds made of metal. Furthermore, every night before 7pm we will close and lock all the windows and pull the blinds down.

I was walking towards the balcony and while I was taking the plastic bags, suddenly the window blinds went up and down on its own. Stunned, I turn back and ran into my mother’s room. When my sister saw me panting, she asked me what happened and i just told her nothing.

That same night, around 9pm, while my mother and my younger sister was watching television and my aunt was hanging the wet clothes at the same service balcony, another incident happened.

As my aunt was hanging the wet clothes, she noticed that the blinds were moving on its own. As if someone was trying to flip it. So out of curiosity, she flipped the blinds and then a ball of fire suddenly just passed through at a fast speed and went through the kitchen into the family room where my mother and younger sister was at and went out the family room window where it exploded when my aunt suddenly shouted some prayers loudly. My mother and younger sister who was watching television at that time also saw the thing passed through the family room and exploded outside the house.

At that time my elder sisters and I were at my cousin’s house which is just one level above us. So around 9.30pm, when we went down and back to our house. My mother suddenly asked us if we heard a loud explosion just now. But we told her we didn’t hear anything. Then she went on to explain what happened. Shocked, I told her what happened to me that morning. So, when my father got home from work, we told him what happened. He then called his friend who knows this medium to come to our house the next day to see what was going on in and around our house.

The very next night, the medium came. We told him what happened the previous day. He then just “scan” through the house and around the house. After awhile, he told us that we don’t need to be afraid of the spirits. They were just playing and that the fireball is just one of their favorite things to play with. We felt relieved by the verdict. We also ask him whether its dangerous or are there anything else. He answered no they aren’t and they can’t even enter our house. As for if there were other spirits around, he answered also there is but they to can’t enter our home because during the previous engagement, my father requested him to “gate” our house from these spirits.

For me, that first hand experience with these paranormal things is one thing i can never forget even though our family have been experiencing with these kind of things for quite a long time already.Especially at this house form the time we moved in and yes we still residing there till now.

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