Chai Chee ROAD BLK 22 Haunting

My mother used to live in Chai Chee when she was young. According to my mother, the apartment they have rented was very cheap. It was also known to be eerie and haunted. The first incident was my mum’s bed was located facing directly to the kitchen. My mum claimed that it would be very noisy when all the lights are off. The noise level was as noisy as the flea market. My mum was so afraid that she did not dare to open her eyes. My mum would wet her bed every night as she did not dare to go to the toilet. The second incident was behind the the tall walls of the bathroom was a dark alley.(bathroom with very tall walls to prevent peeping toms)

One night,when my mum was about to strip off and bath, she saw a man staring at her.(lucky she haven strip off) She scream and dash out of the bathroom. It was impossible for a human to climb up the walls and peep. So you can imagine how tall the walls are. My mum is a good artist and she often draw and sketch. She drew snow white and guess what? The snow white head flew out of the drawing. My uncle happen to see it and tat poor guy fainted. My mum even saw a women dressing in red wandering around the house at 12 midnight.

My mum was freaked out and she ran to her bed and covered herself in the blanket till dawn. Few years later, the flat was demolished and my mum and her family moved out. When my mum was about to move out, she overheard her neighbor, Mr and Mrs Liu’s conversation, “Lucky demolished ah. Here so haunted! Since the couple died, we no peace lei! I think their spirit still wandering around. My mum told my grandmother about what she heard and out of curiosity, my grandmother decided to get to the bottom of this before moving out.

My grandmother asked them and found out that a newly wed couple died in the apartment they were staying. The women found out that his husband had an affair. She got so agitated that she committed suicide after murdering her husband. That explains the noise, the snow white spirit and peeping tom. My mum and family were safe and sound after moving out.

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