Zamri was a mischievous 13-year old Malay boy in a secondary school in Malacca. He was huge for his age but he was not too bright. Thus, he was in the placed in the worst class in his school.

On one particular week, he was absent from school. His class teacher was worried so she phoned Zamri’s father to inquire of his son.

“Hello, is that Zamri’s father?”

“Yes. Who is this?”

“I am Zamri’s class teacher. And I would like to know why Zamri did not attend school for the past few days.

“Well.. That stupid boy brought it upon himself. He had a strange case of itchy red measles-like dots on his whole body.”

“What happened ? Did he have an allergic reaction?”

“No, he urinated on the Chinese grave near our house. The next morning, there were thousands of red dots on his face and his private part became swollen.”

“Oh my. Did you bring him to see a doctor.”

“Yeah, the doctor was totally puzzled. He had never seen such a case before. Anyway the medicine and ointment he gave was ineffective.”

“Is he alright now?”

“Yes, that useless son of mine finally told me what he did. We brought some offering of fruits and got him to say sorry in front of the gravestone. The next morning, the red dots were gone as mysteriously as they came.”

“Thank God for that.”

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